Sunday, 14 September 2014

Secawan ‘n’ Such – Great Coffee & More

Searching for a good cup of coffee in Penang is not quite as easy as it is in London. With the bloom of cafes, hunting down for a good brew is slightly easier and I found the antidote to my caffeine cravings in Secawan ‘n’ Such on Hutton. Since my first visit, Secawan had pretty much been my favourite cafe in town. Read all about it here!

Having missed the breakfast menu during my last visit, here’s one of the revisit just for their breakfast and well, coffee. Then, there’s many many many revisits - hitting 4 visits in a week (just as frequent as I hit the gym LOL). My Instagram suddenly felt like a coffee spam.

Coffee aside, here’s more of their menu!

Miss Bearnaise @ RM 24.90
Look at the wonder of smoked salmon and egg put together!
One of my favourites for breakfast! There is nothing better to brighten up the day with toasted English muffins topped with smoked salmon and perfectly poached eggs and drizzled with hollandaise sauce. The English muffins were fluffy but not quite the best but the generous serving of smoked salmon definitely make up to it. Though the eggs felt slightly over-poached, with the whites becoming somewhat of the texture of hard boiled eggs, the yolks were still runny just like how it should be. Miss how rocket leaves are used in this in London.

Pancakes @ RM 14.90
Fluffy pancakes + strawberries = happiness
A sugary mess

Ordered on the influence of sugar craving, these pancakes were absolutely delish. Fluffy and light, the pancakes were served with fresh strawberries, fresh cream, maple syrup and passion fruit puree. The passion fruit puree is a great touch to the pancakes creating a hint of fruitiness and sourness on top of the sweetness of the maple syrup. A blend of sweet and sour made these pancakes an absolute amazing morning sugar boost.

Like my friend said: no cafe should ever get the basics of pancakes wrong. So, here's a good job done!

French Toast @ RM 14.90
Gluttony called and here's additional bacon strips for RM 4.00
The classic breakfast of fried bread dipped in egg, the French toast here is served with banana and strawberries with maple syrup and cream cheese syrup. The large cuts of bread were fluffy and I could lightly smell the fragrant fried egg in the French toast though my friends beg to differ. Served with maple syrup and cream cheese syrup, the scent of maple syrup was overpowering the cream cheese syrup. A bulk of carbohydrate and sugary rush for the day!

Rocky Road
Rocky Road @ RM 9.50
Never a fan of chocolate cakes, this Rocky Road totally nailed it. Smooth chocolate cake layers topped with more chocolate goodness and lightly torched marshmallows. Though the top chocolate layer was too sweet for my liking, this slice of goodness was irresistible.

Carrot cake
Carrot Cake @ RM 9.50
A true nutty goodness. The carrot cake was perfect for me, just the right amount of sugar (most would think it could be sweeter) with heaps of nuts. The thin cream cheese frosting adds just about the right amount of sweetness to it. Absolutely in love with the crazy loads of nuts and tiny bits of shredded carrot.

Cafe Latte
A perfect combination for lunch
Absolutely love this wall mural

All my visits had been extremely pleasant thus far and their new roast of coffee beans is simply excellent!

Check out Secawan ‘n’ Such on their Facebook page and visit them here:
205, Hutton Lane,
10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Opens Tuesday to Sunday from 8.00am to 12.00am
Updates: Secawan will be open on 15th & 16th Sept :D

Limited roadside parking available. For a more convenient parking, park at New World Park and walk just minutes to Secawan ‘n’ Such.

Food rating: 8/10
Service rating: 9/10
Ambience rating: 8/10
Price rating: £££££

Overall rating: 8/10