Monday, 13 December 2010

Things NOT-TO-DO When It Comes To Studying

Photos from W705

Still in the midst of the student life makes studying a necessary part of daily routine. Getting the momentum to start studying could be such a pain. So, here is the list of things to AVOID or NOT-TO-DO if you are really down with the mind-set to STUDY.
*This list is merely just a personal opinion*

Yes I mean it literally! That comfy bed lying in the bedroom is definitely more tempting than the stack of books to be read through or the stack of notes to be studied. The obvious choice most people I know would choose is THE BED! Studying on the bed makes things worst when you actually doze after 10 to 15 minutes.

So that bed of yours? Its either lock that bedroom until its time for sleep at night or taking the bed away.

This is especially true when your hometown has more attractions than your place of study.  Going home during the study period is really a bad idea. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it. There has always been failed plans to study every time I make a trip back to my hometown, Penang. Going back home calls for gathering with ex-classmates whom you do not see occasionally, gathering with family members whom you are closely-knitted to, and going out for good local delicacies.

So, going home during the study break? BAD IDEA!!

The internet is such a distraction to be honest. (The fact that I am blogging at this moment proves it.) Video clips to be watched online, blogs and daily updates to read, the addictive Facebook and Twitter and then there is online chat like MSN. Not only it is time consuming to be online, it takes your mind off your priorities. And, this is especially true when you have fast-speed internet connection.

So, turn off that WIFI, switch off the modem and shut down the computer NOW.

That is it for now! It takes more will power to get down to studying. I am going to succeed. ADIOS for now. =)

Saturday, 11 December 2010

As Time Goes By


Time is the answer. That is my stand today. As our life move on along with the momentum of the world, time is the best prove to what we see, hear or feel.

Though time showed the worst of people, it showed the best of them as it passes by. Every split second is the teacher of life. As time goes by, I have seen the best of men and also the worst. For many weeks in the past, I have seen the worst. Perhaps not the  worst, maybe its just worse. Then it comes to my thought, is the anything worst that I have yet to see? How would the dependency of a relationship between men withstand the test of time when time constantly becomes the divider between people?

As of now, I had seen time changed many. A change from good to bad, bad to worse, close to unfamiliar, friends to enemies. Happy as I may for many friendships remained the same and grew better than before through time; sad as I can be to see other friendships crack as time starts showing the greed, selfishness, cruel and dark side of a friend. Would such a friendship make or break with the test of time? Time is the answer. As a dear friend said a few days ago, “I see people change through time when they are abroad. They said they won’t change but they still did”.

For many years, my decisions made were hasty. I believe in taking a stand with no regrets. Without proper analysis and thinking, it seems like taking a wrong turn or the wrong path whenever the route divides. Though many were the RIGHT decisions, there still remains many which I would say the WRONG ones. One that was so incorrect; the darkest route that may exist; routes that turn the worst of me to light. Perhaps, it is an OPPORTUNITY to learn to grow with time as every wrong move would teach a valuable lesson. At least at the very end, I could stand up high and say I MADE MISTAKES BUT I LIVE A LIFE OF NO REGRETS. Bak kata pepatah, bumi mana tidak ditimpa hujan.’

TODAY, with heads held high; I would say the frequency of making such unforgivable errors diminished as every second passed by and I certainly withstand the test of time in life and I would continue to for many years to come or even for eternality. Doubt me if you might, I withstand the ever changing periodic test time has for me and I would continue to do the same retaining my best qualities; my roots and traditions (I am not being ‘lao eah’); my values and various type of relationships. Time is the best measure for many things in life. Time is the answer; the key; the best solution.

Friday, 26 November 2010

A Note of Gratitude to A Bunch of Awesome Buddies

Through life, we grow. Friends, an important element in this long gruesome journey made up a big part of my life which no doubt I could never detached myself from.
Here, I penned a note of gratitude to these awesome buddies I encountered when our life paths crossed with each others and the bond called friendship was formed. =)

Last Day of School
Name: Audelia Choo
Years Known: 7
Status: Friend, Psychologist, Family Counsellor

This gal has an immense amount of emotional blurness and numbness. (Note: She self admitted it!) *laughs* So, she became the best book to share emotional breakdowns and emotional distress for it will never affect her. Also, a place to turn to whenever help is needed for my 半桶水 (Bàn shuǐ tǒng – incoherent) Mandarin. Thank you for listening all this while. I bet I almost turn you deaf.

Last Day of School1

Name: Eleanor Cheng
Years Known: 7
Status: Friend, Hokkien Buddy, Photostat Centre

Kar Pei or Eleanor, the Hokkien speaking buddy which kept my dialect speaking abilities from deteriorating. Kam siah (thank you). Direct in her speech, a simple MSN conversation or SMS is engaging. Cheng Kar Pei, chin kam siah lu kong uah ka wa eh si chin direct and kamsiah for lu hor wah eh software. (Thanks for being direct with me and thanks for all the software)

Last Day of School2

Name: Teoh Patsy
Years Known: 9
Status: Friend, Daughter

Pasty, the petite one. Supposedly my ‘daughter’ after a trip to KL for Celcom Youth Ambassador project. We share the love for bak eu phok (fried pork lard)!!! Lovely ‘ah girl’ thanks!! Mommy miss you!!

Search results for Janice Ooi Hui Jing

Name: Janice Ooi
Years Known: 9
Status: Friend, ‘Shortie’

The ever sarcastic gal which can make me thor huek (vomit blood) when talking to her. Though I am always impressed with her sarcasm and how she can insert it spontaneously. Also, she is the person to call during time of disappointment because she has never failed to make me laugh while I am pouring my heart out with her sarcasm. It sounds ridiculous but no doubt her sarcasm is funny. Thanks for your sarcasm. Who knows maybe I will be thin ONE DAY thanks to you.

SPM Blessing Mahindrama Temple 2008

Name: Tan Hwei Yuin
Years Known: 9
Status: Friend, DVD Library

As stated, the best place to go to when in search of a TVB show. Breakfast buddy and the friend who is just a day older than me. Thanks for all the shows that you have lent me. 

Part 2 coming up with more people I would love to write a note of gratitude to. Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Why Do I Deserve To Win A Samsung Galaxy Tab

Of recent, I read about Samsung Galaxy Tab Contest on FeeqSays Network and it came just right in time! WHY? My beloved Sony Ericsson W705 begun to fail me for the forth time. This time, the screen is yellow and flickers like mad. Its like its infected by Hepatitis. Equipped with the classic Nokia 1661 as my spare phone, I have lost the privilege of checking my email and surfing the net on the go. 

Nokia 1661 and the Hepatitis infected W705 - Both UNABLE TO ACCOMMODATE MY NEEDS

Nokia 1661 is too basic - only text and call. W705 is worst - its like it has cancer or some incurable disease cause it just spoils every few months. Kek sim (heartache) only. Now its down with hepatitis - the screen is always yellow T_T

Purchasing an all new phone equipped with Wi-Fi, 3G, HTML browser would not come in cheap. As just an ordinary student depending on scholarship for tertiary education, a high tech phone would not come in easy. A classic and basic phone PLUS Samsung Galaxy Tab is equivalent to a brand new high tech phone. Hence WOALA!! Problem solved! Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab, use it along my classic phone, get the best of both worlds without financial worries. YIPPEE!!! XD

Of course its not just that, it won't be logical if I wanted Samsung Galaxy Tab without knowing how it can be important in my daily life. So, I did a little Google-ing, honestly I am amazed by is function. I sound like a noob right? *laughs* Wi-Fi and HSDPA connections attract me for sure BUT the 7.0" screen is the best part. With full HD player, up to 32GB internal memory, 7 hours of movie play and video recorder, feels like falling into a multimedia heaven. The large memory and 1.0GHz processor, watching my favourite movies and dramas on the move seems too good to be true ^.^

Plus, GPS in Samsung Galaxy Tab would make driving easy for me, a no-sense of direction person. Not to forget, e-reading on Samsung Galaxy Tab; reading a book, magazine and novel in a modern way. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab <3
So, why do I deserve to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab as compared to the hundreds and thousands of people who are probably blogging about this contest hoping to get a shot in winning a Samsung Galaxy Tab? Well, at the very least, I know I would be able to make the most out of the Samsung Galaxy Tab given I won it. Samsung Galaxy Tab would be the best technology companion for it will guide me when I drive, entertain me when I am bored, assist me on the go, capture moments in my life and connect me to my friends and family. Bound to further studies in UK next year under scholarship, no doubt Samsung Galaxy Tab would play an important part in my life helping me through the hectic life of a student =)

Be sure to check Samsung Galaxy Tab out @
My dear readers, please leave a comment to boost my chance to own this amazing piece of gadget by Samsung.

巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 ADDICTION

YES I AM ADDICTED!! No denial to that... Since the latest TVB drama starring Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Fala Chen (陳法拉) started airing on 18th October 2010, the show has been driving me mad pondering over what will happen next. The award winning cast from the Best TVB Drama 2009, Rosy Business (巾帼枭雄) is super talented and no doubt the story line is amazing too.

So what is all this craze about? Here's a little peak into what got me going 'gaga'.

Synopsis (from Wikipedia):

Guangzhou is in a state of political turmoil in the 1930s. Gangsters are on a rampage and opium trading becomes rampant. As they watch the illicit profits from opium trading escalate, the government forms the Anti-Smoking Bureau under the guise of suppressing opium, but the bureau is under the influence of Cheng Long-kwan (Elliot Ngok), the gang’s kingpin. His eldest daughter Cheng Kau-mui (Sheren Tang) who is an unscrupulous person soon returns from Shanghai to reap the rewards. Mui meticulously plans her every move.

On the other hand, Lau Sing (Wayne Lai) is the leader of the Criminal Investigation Team. He has worked hard all his life to ensure an easy trail for his family, especially for his bed-ridden younger sister Lau Ching (Fala Chen). Despite his hot temper, he values friendship and brotherhood more than anything else. Once, he almost sacrificed his life to help his timid teammate, Tong Kat (Pierre Ngo).

Meanwhile, the Japanese army invades China and Canton falls into the hands of the Japanese. Mui enters the darkest time in her life when her aunt Cheng Long-hei (Susan Tse) frames her.

Relationships between characters


TVB has been rather dull with their story lines in recent years and most endings became so predictable just like some classic old movies where there is either a happy ending or a tragic ending. There is just that lack of oomph and twist to make them exciting. And as for some drama made to be a comedy, I find the joke LAME just plain lame.
No Regrets is so exciting because every single episode brings a new twist to the story and every single episode makes you crave for the next one. How the relationship between Lau Shing (Wayne Lai) and Gau Mui (Sheren Tang) changed and progressed from bitterness and Lau Shing's despise in every move Gau Mui made to the strong courageous friendship; a bond so strong that they would be willing to lose their life for each other. *ponders whether they will end up as a couple*

Is there love???

Besides these veteran actors and actresses (Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang and Susan Tse) brings the show to a new height. Its though their eyes speak for them. Set during the Japanese Occupation era, the casting directors done an exceptional job in choosing the actors for the role of Japanese Generals. That killing aura from their look, the perverted expression towards girls and the cruel and brutal ways to deal with suspected spies; EXTRAORDINARY!

Brutal treatment...

As the show now plunge into its climax with the ending of episode 23 showing Gau Mui personally executing Lau Shing for treason towards the Japanese Royal Army, I am more than anxious to find out what happen next. Will Lau Shing survive? *prays he escape somehow* Whilst that, Gau Mui is alone facing the plot of her evil aunt to bring her down. What is her plan? Is Gau Mui going to be safe?

Would Lau Shing survive? Did he really die?

Would Cheng Long Hei bring an end to Gau Mui's influence and power in the Cheng family?

Oh boy, these show has certainly got me hooked on it like how people are hooked on opium in the 1930's era. Looking forward each day for more surprises from the best drama series I have watched so far; No Regrets (巾幗梟雄之義海豪情).

Not forgetting the theme song, 義海豪情 by Leo Ku <3333333333333

*All photos credit of
*Synopsis credit of Wikipedia

Monday, 15 November 2010

Quenching Your Thrist @ New World Park

An ordinary bowl of ice kacang
New World Park or Sin Seh Kai as known to many Penangites house a variety of hawker stalls, restaurants and retail shops. When a couple of my friends from other states visited Penang, we went for the famous ice kacang in New World Park after a hot day in Kek Lok Si.

Besides the famous ice kacang, there are numerous hawker delicacies too. The Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng too dine here in New World Park.
New World Park Ice Kacang1

The most unique feature of ice kacang in New World is the fruits that come along with it. A bowl of ordinary ice kacang topped with papaya, banana, watermelon and etc besides the traditional red bean, cincau (grass jelly), atapchi, and jagung (corn); not forgetting sugar syrup and condensed milk.

Rating: 9/10


Together with ice kacang, not too be missed is cendol, ice shaving topped with gula melaka syrup, red beans and cendol strips.

Rating: 8/10

Cucur Udang or Prawn Fritters

In addition to dessert, we had a little snack, cucur udang (prawn fritters). Light batter topped with small prawns deep fried to perfection served with peanut sauce dip.

Rating: 7/10 (Prawn fritters lack of crispiness and is rather oily though the peanut sauce dip was spectacular)

Getting to New World Park is easy as you would not miss the large building with numerous cafe and restaurants. Parking is easy with many lots in the parking area with a small charge.

A- New World Park Parking Entrance
B- New World Park

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dinner @ New Lane, Penang

New Lane CollageNew Lane or also known as Lorong Baru in the national language of BM is famous for its long stretch of hawker stalls selling the best of Penang’s food. Located in the heart of Penang, Georgetown; New Lane is a famous attraction for tourist especially those seeking for a culinary escapade.

Of recent, myself and a couple of friends took a ride through this wonderful street of food. Here’s a little insight on what is a MUST TRY…


Chee Cheong Chuk Collage

The ever famous Chee Cheong Chuk (Pork Intestine Porridge). This stall has been around for decades and it serves one of the best porridge in town. Thick porridge garnished with slices of char siew (roasted BBQ pork), pig’s stomach, small intestine, liver and crispy deep fried pig’s intestine. Truly a yummy entree though it may sound a little peculiar. Remember to give it a try.

Price: RM 4.00/bowl (small)

Rating: 8/10DSC00636

Chee Cheong Fun Collage

Chee Cheong Fun. Rolled flat rice noodle cut into small pieces, garnished with chilli sauce, tee chieo (a type of sweet sauce) and haew kow (a type of savoury sauce made from prawn paste) and sesame seeds. Yummy and really suitable for those with a small appetite.

Price: RM 2.00/plate (small), RM3.00/plate (big)

Rating: 9/10IMG_2090Fried Oyster… Fresh oyster fried with egg and starch, accompanied by a chilli dip. The fried oyster here in New Lane is rather good. Worth a try.

Price: RM7 onwards

Rating: 8/10IMG_2101  Char Koay Kak, radish cake pan fried with soya sauce and special sauce depending on each hawker. Fried with egg and bean sprout. The Char Koay Kak in New Lane is a little too salty. However, it is still worth a try. Also available is Seafood Char Koay Kak that comes with assorted seafood. Nevertheless, the original one still taste better.

Price: RM 2.50/plate (small)

Rating: 8/10

 Loh Bak Collage


Loh Bak, an assortment of deep fried snacks served with chilli dip and a starchy sauce. Amongst snacks up for selection are beancurd. loh bak (pork roll wrapped with beancurd skin), prawn fritters (thin layer of dough with prawns fried to prefect crispiness), century egg, Taiwanese sausage, octopus and many more. Worth a try but is a little pricey.

Price: Depending on items selected, all items are priced individually

Rating: 7/10

Assorted Collage Clockwise from top left: Loh Mee (noodles in a starchy soup garnished with pork slice, egg and vegetable topped with chilli and blended garlic), Curry Mee (noodles in a coconut milk based soup and topped with various seafood like prawns, squid and frozen pig’s blood/ tu huek)  Jiu Hu Eng Chai (Squid and water crest in a specially mixed sauce topped with peanuts and sesame), Laksa (Rice noodle in a sour savoury soup with various spice, cucumber, lettuce and pineapple)

Parking is really a nuisance with limited parking available by the roadside.

Happy Feasting! =)


New Lane Map

New Lane is noted in red.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


One of my friend's post on her blog amused me recently. Facebook has become a really essential social network most people are on now. Some have an account to connect with pals, some just to play the games on FB and some just anonymous users or fraud accounts.

Sharing with you today, my dear friend, Carolyn Cheong's blog! Enjoy the 2 post =)


Saturday, 6 November 2010

I'm Back

YES!!! I am back to blogging once again after weeks of absence. Exams are now almost over and I pray very hard for better results this time around.

So much to update on but there is no time allocation for blogging at the moment. Would be right back! XD


Sunday, 24 October 2010

University Application Through UCAS

Being selected for the JPA scholarship was perhaps one the best things that happen in my life. College is fun with many great classmates and friends. People who don't bore you with their life achievements and knowledge. *laughs*

So now the next step in life. University application... I thought of it for a really long time. My scholarship to further studies in the UK for a law degree is amazing and I am spoilt by the choices I have.

Finally, after much thinking I made up my mind to apply to 3 of the University of London colleges and 2 outside of London. As much as I love to be in the city, living in the outskirts or smaller towns would be amazing too.

Wish me luck in getting my offers please.

Love, Yi Lyn

A Period of Absence - What I Have Been Doing

Yes!!! I have not been blogging for quite awhile. Just could hardly find time to do so. There is just too much to do at the moment.

and so much more... Homework, assignments, and many many other things.
THE BIGGEST THING bugging me is PERSONAL STATEMENT for my UCAS application...

To decide which university to apply to; to perfect that personal statement of mine. Gosh, I think I sent it to my Pre-University Department Head more than a dozen times. She is definitely sick of my personal statement by now. *laughs*


Also, a big thank you to Ms Hema for helping me with grammar and vocabulary.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Other Guys Movie Premiere

19th October 2010:

Thanks to Sony Pictures, Advertlets and Feeqsays I was given yet another opportunity to catch the movie premiere for The Other Guys starring Dwayne Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Sorry for the late post. I have been super busy studying History. =.=

The movie is another action comedy flick to hit the cinema and honestly, it is a movie to put into the Movies to watch for year 2010.

NYPD Detectives Christopher Danson and P.K. Highsmith (Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson) are the baddest and most beloved cops in New York City. They don’t get tattoos – other men get tattoos of them. Two desks over and one back, sit Detectives Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg). You’ve seen them in the background of photos of Danson and Highsmith, out of focus and eyes closed. They’re not heroes – they’re “the Other Guys.”

So how was the movie? It was rather awesome with the sort of ordinary comedy flick in cop movies. It was certainly amazing to watch how Allen and Terry investigate the cases with their very limited skills in the police force and how the bond between partners formed throughout the process. I think that was a really wonderful part.

Another comedic part of the movie is Allen's gorgeous wife and how he attracts hot chicks. LOL! The best and unexpected part would be how Allen was actually a pimp when he was in college.

Overall, the movie was quite enjoyable and worth watching. However, be informed that there are a couple of obscene lines. LOL

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Movie Review: The Switch


Courtesy of Advertlets, I was given the opportunity to attend the premiere screening of The Switch. Starring Jennifer Aniston (famous for her role in the sitcom Friends), Jason Bateman and Patrick Wilson.

As known by many, the movie is about Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) who is desperate to get pregnant and resort to a charming sperm donor, Roland (Patrick Wilson) to father her child. Her best friend, Wally (Jason Bateman) was against the idea. Getting himself drunk during Kassie's insemination party, Wally accidentally spills Roland's semen and replaced it with his own.


So the review begins… Its my first time writing a review so pardon me if there are any elements that I missed.

How was the movie? AWESOME!!!!

Let’s start on the actors and actresses. Jennifer Aniston was awesome. So was Jason Bateman. They both formed a relatively good chemistry on screen and no doubt an excellent couple. The other characters played by Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum was fairly interesting. Though I did not really like Roland in the movie, Patrick Wilson did a good job portraying Roland.


As for the plot and the story? Well, the movie was well written I would say and the plot developed just well. The development of Kassie’s desire to get pregnant to her moving away from New York to returning with her son 7 years later developed so well. The development of the relationship between Wally and Kassie's son, Sebastian is so adorable. Its like Wally and mini Wally =) Honestly, I was reluctant to go to the loo during the movie fearing I’ll miss something interesting.

The Switch is an amazing movie and rather a heart-warming story of a best friend who is in love with his best friend and is willing to stand by her side all the time. With the chemistry between Aniston and Bateman, the movie becomes alive! Kassie’s son, Sebastian is so adorable and cute. OMG his round big eyes are so so adorable. And be sure, Wally and Sebastian makes lots of great scenes.

Personally, the best part I loved about the movie is the witty humour that was instilled in the movie. Those little acts and sarcasm in Leonard (Jeff Goldblum) minutes into the opening of the movie really tickles me. Leonard’s scene with Wally in the gym where Leonard claim he is burning fats despite eating a chocolate bar while walking at the speed of 2.0 on the threadmill is just simply amusing. Sebastian’s peculiar character would also make you laugh.

Being a romance comedy, The Switch had certainly reached a level of perfection. Not a movie where you would laugh nonstop BUT its a movie that would make you love along the way.

Worth watching? DEFINITELY!!!

Rating: 9/10

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sushi King RM2 Bonanza is BACK!!!

Whee... Sushi King Card's RM2 Bonanza is back this October. From 11-14 October 2010, the promotion is on-going in West Malaysia. So sushi anyone? Let go maximise our consumer surplus during this promotional period.

*gosh another opportunity to spend* there goes my $$$...

$$$$.... Ka-ching Ka-ching....

Money money money... The X factor in life: MONEY!!! If there is one thing that is categorised as a love-hate relationship, it would be SALES. Though it seems like there is lots of savings that you can get from each item purchased, I noticed that in every sales, I would end up with unnecessary items, things that I wouldn't need for the moment. Its just like shopping for future usage which is not even certain yet. *Ishhh ishhh ishhh YI LYN!* Gotta get the influence of sales out of your head!

The latest predator on my wallet: J Card Sales (5% on grocery and 15% on departmental store)

GOSH! It really time to stay at home. So that I would see no evil (sales), hear no evil and buy no evil...

Monday, 4 October 2010

A Hair Cut??

Down with the dilemma of either having a hair cut or not! My hair has been growing ever since my last hair cut in April 2010 in Monsoon ID, 1 Utama. I loved my hairstyle that Eva of Monsoon ID has given me. It was light and really easy to handle. Well, its short so I don’t have to do much about it.

Now that my hair have grown to mid length, I AM LOST!! Previously, I thought of keeping my hair long and give myself a change in my hairstyle. Then, I realised it was not easy keeping long hair for me due to the texture and condition of my hair. Its frizzy and slightly dry. However, I must say my hair texture and condition has improved recently after using the new Sunsilk conditioner (not promoting Sunsilk, just stating the truth).

So, a hair cut or not???




From This




After the haircut in Monsoon ID


 022235  Months after haircut! Should I have another haircut now?

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Traffic D’light Cafe @ Dataran Pelangi Utama

Fancy some good food at a cheap price? Let me introduce Traffic D’light Cafe, located at Dataran Pelangi Utama. The cozy cafe is located nearby my college hostel and has been a great place for a good meal. Cheap and Yummy! Air- conditioned and having both smoking and non-smoking dining area is simply great.

The cafe is located on the 1st floor of Dataran Pelangi Utama right above Carrefour Express. Accessible by lift and stairs. Since I am not familiar with the directions of getting there, I would skip writing on that part to avoid misleading info. Apologies to all dear readers. There have been many reviews from bloggers on Traffic D’light. Just try to Google traffic dlight.

There is a wide variety of food and beverages. And here’s a couple of reviews on those that I have tried so far.

Main Entries


Milk Butter Prawn Rice

Scrumptious fresh prawns in milky butter sauce with basil leaves served with rice. Its yummy and has a rather milky taste. Quite a big portion for me. The sauce is really nice and goes well with the prawns.

Price: RM 9.50

Rating: 4/5


Milk Butter Chicken Fillet Rice

Similar to the Milk Butter Prawn Rice above, the chicken fillet is served with milk butter gravy and rice. Quite tasty and rather a big portion.

Price: RM 8.50

Rating: 4/5



Crispy Mayonnaise Calamari Fried Rice

Stir fried rice served with batter coated deep fried squid rings. As a seafood lover, I love the calamari rings. Quite yummy.

Price: RM 9.50

Rating: 3.5/5



Crispy Mayonnaise Fish Fillet Fried Rice

Fried rice served with batter-coated deep fried fish fillets dressed with mayonnaise. Yummy and a big portion. Fish fillets are sometimes a little oily. Taste quite yummy but batter could be improved.

Price: RM 9.00

Rating: 3.5/5



Sizzling Black Pepper Pork Slice Rice

Thinly sliced pork cooked in black pepper sauce served on a sizzling plate. The dish is extremely yummy. The sauce goes well with the poultry. Reminder: Do ask for more sauce if you want to have some gravy for your rice.

Price: RM 8.50

Rating: 4.5/5


Stir-Fried Homemade Noodles

Homemade noodles stir-fried with minced chicken, prawns and bean sprouts. Prawns are extremely large and the portion is generous. Great for a filling meal. The additional sambal served with it is spicy and nice.

Price: RM 7.50

Rating: 4.5/5


Traffic D’light Bird Nest (Braised Meat Ball Noodles)

New addition to the menu! Noodles are shaped like a bird nest. Served with mushroom and vegetables. The meat balls are succulent and juicy with a strong taste. The mushroom is my favourite. The gravy goes well with the noodles and meat ball.

Price: RM 10.00

Rating: 4.5/5



Bak Kut Teh Noodle Soup

Noodles in bak kut teh served with pork meat and vegetables. The pork has slight too much of fat composition for my liking. I prefer meat with less fats, so not really a favourite of mine. Though a friend of mine loves this dish.

Price: RM 8.50

Rating: 3.5/5



Crispy Fried Mushroom

Batter coated fried oyster mushroom fried to perfection. Served with Thai Chilli sauce, its a great savoury appetizer to start a meal. I like the mushroom but it is sometimes too oily.

Price: RM 4.00

Rating: 4/5


Crispy Salted Egg Pumpkin

My all time favourite! Coated with a batter of salted egg and deep fried to perfection. Love the taste of pumpkin. I was fooled into thinking it was sweet potato. The taste of pumpkin is sweet and the salted egg coated gives a really nice aroma to this snack. Irresistible and I would always love more of this.

Price: RM 4.50

Rating: 5/5

Beverages & Desserts



A cooling dessert with shredded ice flakes and gula Melaka syrup. Neither too sweet nor too plain. Taste wonderful and reminds me a lot about of the cendul in Penang. Lovely hint of home.

Price: RM 4.oo

Rating: 4.5/5


Winter melon & Longan

A Chinese tong swee (dessert) cooked to perfection with longan and winter melon strips. Served hot or cold. The cold dessert is thirst quenching. Winter melon strips are overcooked and lacks texture, often too soft and feels like mashed winter melon instead. Still a nice dessert though.

Price: RM 3.50 (hot), RM 3.80 (cold)

Rating: 3.5/5


Snow Fungus & Sea Coconut

Another Chinese dessert. I like the taste and the cooling effect it has. The snow fungus is soft and well cooked. Worth trying. Yummy!

Price: RM 3.50 (hot), RM 3.80 (cold)

Rating: 4/5


Raspberry Longan

A nice soda drink with raspberry flavour with longan. I’m not a big fan of sodas so not really up to my liking though I love the longan.

Price: RM 4.50

Rating: 3.5/5

Yee Sang

Besides that, there was also Yee Sang served during the Chinese New Year period. I previously blog on this but since my blog was deleted its no longer available. Yee Sang is considered an auspicious meal eaten during Chinese New Year and many may also refer it to Loh Sang. Would gladly say that the Yee Sang here taste good as compared to some restaurants back in my hometown, Penang. Here’s some snapshots of the Yee Sang me and my friends had. A traditional meal in a modern place. Unfortunately, I do not remember the price.



Saw the RM0.10 dessert with any of the 7-Wonders meal? Amazing deal! I would be going for it soon. And look to your left. NETT prices for all meal. No pocket killing service charge and tax. The part I like best is the 10% discount of total bill upon ordering any of the 7-Wonders. Try now as offers for RM0.10 dessert last until 14 November 2010 only and the 10% off total bill is only up till end of 2010.


All in all, the food is superb with some becoming my all-time favourite. The service is good and the staff are really friendly. A meal in Traffic D’light has been enjoyable even with a big group of friends as they have ample space in the cafe. Some dishes reminds me of home cooked food which brings that warm nostalgic feeling to heart despite the distance from home. A great place to dine for a reasonable price.

Traffic D’light opens daily from 12 noon to 10pm. It is air-conditioned and has wi-fi. Finding a parking space should not be a problem as there are parking lots around Dataran Pelangi Utama.


Ambience: 9/10

Food: 8.5/10

Drinks and Beverages: 8/10

Service: 8/10


1-10, Dataran Pelangi Utama One Avenue, Jalan Masjid,
PJU 6A, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03-77293245
1st Floor( Above Carrefour Express), Non-Halal, Air-Con, Wi-Fi

Refer to Traffic D'light webpage for more details and the complete menu.