Friday, 22 July 2011

Bollywood Fever?

Everyone in this world has heard of Bollywood and I'm sure of that. Honestly, I never liked those Bollywood movies because they never made any sense to me. I mean in the midst of a conversation or courting; the actor and the actress starts singing and dancing then the whole street joins them. The most ridiculous part is they somehow but I don't know how; are wearing the same attire. Similar from head to toe, dancing the same moves. How is that even logical? Yes, I work by logic so I can never understand such movies.

However, in my 2 years stint in KDU, I had been exposed to Bollywood extensively for a few months when our bus driver plays his Bollywood music video every single morning and evening. So, this started my fever for Bollywood songs. It isn't very much of a high fever when I actually only know 3 songs.

Here they are:


Bole Chudiyan from Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham

Koi Mil Gaya from Kush Kush Hota Hai

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

The much awaited end of the Harry Potter movies is finally here. Been an avid fan since the very beginning of the series of novel, this final installation brought a bitter sweet feeling. Although this is it; where Harry defeats Voldermort; where good finally triumphs over evil; where Snape’s true loyalty is revealed BUT this is the movie that ends it all.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

*WARNING: The remaining part of this post may contains spoilers*

I’ve read the HP novels time and again. Whenever Warner Brothers released a HP movie, I would take out that collection of novels and start reading them all over; sort of an obsession. So, to ensure I get to watch the final movie once it is released, I bought tickets online for the earliest screening available near me; grab some good seats and waited to be transported into a magical world. What did I look forward to the most? The death of Snape and his past memories.

Finally, the review:

HP7 Part 2 (Normal Screen/2D):

Tickets to HP7 Part 2 on 13th July (9.l5 pm show)

This was the first time watching the movie. The plot was well developed and the movie continued from Part 1 rather well (though those who did not watch or had watched but forgotten the story would not have a clue of what is happening). There isn’t a link of what had previously happened in Part 1. Personally, I would think that some snippets of the core events in HP7 Part 1 be brought into the beginning of the movie. Nevertheless, the story developed well from Voldermort stealing the wand from Dumbledore’s grave and Harry with Ron and Hermione trying to break into Gringotts to retrieve something they believed to be a hocrux in Bellatrix’s vault.

It was quite interesting to watch how Hermione turned into Bellatrix and tried to get pass the goblins in Gringotts with the help of Griphook. The entire scene inside Gringotts from the roller coaster ride to the vault and their escape after being caught for attempting to steal was entertaining. The computer graphics was a job well done!

As compared to previous movies, HP7 Part 2 brings more light hearted scenes despite the dark times the characters are facing. Professor McGonagall pulled of her part really well and brought laughter into the air in such a tense situation.

Among all the characters, one that is definitely worth to mention was Professor Severus Snape. His mysterious acts since the Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone; confusing readers/viewers of where is real loyalty lies finally resolves. It was an epic ending for Snape with his past finally revealed (one of the parts that brought me to tears while reading the novel). Alan Rickman did an excellent job portraying Snape. He literally stole every minute of his screen time.

My favourite character throughout the entire HP series: Professor Severus Snape
Being the finale, the show was brilliantly done with the plot following closely that of the HP book. For the first time, the 7th installation (HP7 Part 1 and Part 2) was filmed without rushing through the storyline missing out all the important details. A movie definitely worth watching!

HP7 Part 2 (3D)

Four days later, I watched again with my cousin; this time in 3D. So here’s a little review about the 3D effects. Having read online that 200 scenes were filmed in 3D, I had a rather high expectation. Although not up to what I expected, the 3D effects were still quite brilliant. Quite worth the additional surcharge for 3D. 5 minutes into the movie, the 3D effects were quite impressive with the dementors surrounding Hogwarts made to feel as though they are flying beside your seats.

The 3D effects were very much on and off from time to time. Some of the entertaining 3D scenes are Harry, Hermione and Ron flying on the dragon to escape from Gringotts, when spells are cast to protect Hogwarts and when Voldermort shattered into pieces after his final duel with Harry when all the Hocruxes were destroyed.

Overall rating: 9/10
The show lacks of bits and pieces that holds the key to connecting the storyline and help those who do not read the book to grasp the story better.

3D Rating: 7/10
Approximately one-third of the show time had no 3D effects but it is still worth watching.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Little Cottage

Beginning with a humble existences in Burma Road, Little Cottage has now grown to two outlets; one located in its original lot in Burma Road and the other beside Waterfall Hotel in Gottlieb Road. For years, Little Cottage provides reasonably cheap set lunch and dinner throughout the week.

A 5-course set lunch consisting of Soup of the Day, bread roll, a main course, dessert and coffee or tea starts from RM9.90. Definitely a worthy bargain! The range of set lunches are at RM9.90, RM12.90, RM15.90 and RM19.90 with other specials priced slightly higher at RM23.90 and RM29.90. With more than 20 choices of main course ranging from different type of poultry and seafood, customers were definitely spoilt for choices. In my numerous visits there, choosing my main course is one difficult task.

A peek at the set lunches as below:

 Soup of the Day and Bread Roll

Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Soup

Grilled Turkey Ham
Grilled Turkey Harm @ RM12.90
Reasonably thick slice of turkey ham grilled and garnished with pineapple and tartar sauce. Taste well and the pineapple gives a sour punch to wash down the ham.

Grilled Almond Fish
Grilled Almond Fish @ RM 15.90
 Fish fillet grilled with almond served with tartar sauce. The taste of almond penetrated the fish and it was amazingly done.

Black Pepper Chicken
Black Pepper Chicken @ RM15.90
Grilled chicken topped with black pepper sauce. Quite an ordinary chicken dish but the black pepper sauce was superb.

Chicken Chop Little Cottage Style
Chicken Chop Little Cottage Style @ RM15.90
Deep fried boneless chicken fillet with Little Cottage sauce. The sauce resembles that of a sweet and sour sauce and was quite pleasant with the chicken.

Grilled Fish Little Cottage Style
Grilled Fish Little Cottage Style @ RM19.90
 Fish fillet pan grilled and served with the similar sauce as Chicken Chop Little Cottage Style. Quite an interesting combination.

Minute Rib Eye Steak
Minute Rib Eye Steak @ RM19.90
 Rib eye steak grilled and served with black pepper sauce. Since I do not consume beef, opinion from a fellow friend on this main course was it was done amazingly well.

Grilled Fish with Oregano Sauce
Grilled Fish in Oregano Sauce @ RM19.90
Pan grilled fish served with oregano sauce and tartar sauce. The tartar sauce was a little bit of redundancy as the oregano sauce goes amazingly well with the fillet. Another worth trying choice.

Monte Cristo Chicken
Monte Cristo Chicken @ RM19.90
Grilled chicken and frankfurters topped with gravy. A bigger portion compared to the rest of the choices. The gravy was a job well done by the chef.

Dessert (Mango Jelly)
In addition to the set lunch, add on including desserts and drinks are available. Below are the picks of my favourite add on desserts. A MUST TRY!

Raspberry Cheese Cake
Raspberry Cheese Cake @ RM5.90
Spectacular piece of culinary work! The combination of cheese, raspberry and the cookie base is just heavenly. A sinful indulgence which is definitely worth the calories.

Tiramisu @ RM4.90
Layers of coffee flavoured cake put together with fresh cream and topped with cocoa powder. Another sinful indulgence worth trying.

Dining in Little Cottage is a wonderful experience, the atmosphere suits those looking for a place to savour lunch and take the day at a slower pace to those looking for a place to date or meet up over lunch. The best part of my dining experience here is that the staff do not rush you into finishing your soup so that they could serve your main course etc. It's ambiance is a bliss with songs from the 70's and 80's filling the air.

Getting there is easy. Little Cottage 1 is located along Jalan Burma while Little Cottage 2 is in Jalan Gottlieb. Get the exact location here at My Maps or simply log on to the Little Cottage Cafe website for more info and promotion.

Location of Little Cottage Cafe 1 on Google Maps
Overall Rating: 9/10

Friday, 1 July 2011

AH’ BASRI Restaurant Satay

A couple of weeks ago together with my family, I went for satay at AH’ Basri which is located in D’Piazza, Jalan Mahsuri in Bayan Baru. The most unique feature of this restaurant is the various flavours and type of meat available.

Satay is a skewer of marinated meat barbequed over charcoal fire to perfection. Commonly served with peanut sauce dip alongside with cucumber and fresh onion pieces.

A simple menu (reminds me of those in McDonalds)
Nasi Impit with Peanut Sauce @ RM 2.20 (A traditional dish where rice is being compacted into cubes and eaten together with peanut sauce.)
The rice was quite bland and had little flavour but it goes well with the peanut sauce. Since the rice had been compacted into cube, little of the sauce could be absorbed into the rice.

Popiah Satay @ RM 4.50
Quite disappointed with this dish. Just a stick of satay wrapped in spring roll/popiah skin and deep fried together. The satay inside the wrap taste normal and there is nothing special as compared to the normal satay.

Deer and Ostrich Satay @ RM 1.80 each

The meat was well marinated but it was a little chewy and difficult to chew down. The deer and ostrich meat was a little overcooked and was cut into too big a piece making it a little difficult to eat. Overall, it is still quite tasty.


Chicken Satay (Original) @ RM 1.00 each

The chicken satay came in a few flavours. We tried the original and tomyam flavour. The original chicken satay was one of the best I had tasted thus far. The meat was well marinated and barbequed; soft and well cooked. Definitely recommended!

The tomyam flavoured chicken satay was a little peculiar. Tomyam seasoning gave a pinch of sour taste which did not go quite well with barbequed meat. When dipped into peanut sauce, the mixture of tomyam and peanut sauce was a little peculiar.

Calamari Satay @ RM 2.50 each

The best satay in the store and my personal favourite. Though having some burnt parts, the calamari was juicy, soft and not overcooked, tasted well on its own. DEFINITELY A MUST-TRY!!

Getting there is easy. It is located near Sunshine Square. Get the exact location at My Map on Google maps.


A snap shot from Google Maps

Overall rating: 7/10