Saturday, 3 July 2010

失望 - Disappointment - Kekecewaan - Decepción

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As the title states it, this World Cup season is such a letdown. In the first round, defending champion and runner-up was sent packing. Both France and Italy end up at the bottom of their respective groups disappointing many fans including myself. Such poor performance this time around. Round of 16 was at least much more entertaining but the referee was so disappointing in the Germany-England match as the remake of Zidane's goal in 2006 was seen only that this time the ball bounces up instead of into the net. Perhaps a better system should be worked out. However, it was an interesting round with Brazil, Netherlands, Ghana, Paraguay, Uruguay, Germany, Argentina and Spain making a step further. TODAY the worst of all, such disappointment to see Brazil making a blunder causing their own goal and finally sent packing. I was looking forward and anticipating a repeat of 2002 WC finals with Germany lifting the cup this time. Oh well, its a game and all the best to GERMANY!!!

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