Thursday, 26 July 2012

Chiak Roti Lim Kopi @ Toh Soon Cafe

A good breakfast is an awesome way to start the day. Toast bread, half boiled eggs and a cup of coffee is the classic breakfast most Malaysians use to have way back in time.

A classic Kopi O

Toh Soon Toast Bread
Coffee strained using the traditional "socks" strainer and mixed with condensed milk for customers who orders Kopi
The classic Kopi-O in Chinese Kopitiam with a strong scent of coffee. The best companion to toast bread. The coffee can be ordered to suit your taste buds and preference. All you need to know is the right term to use when ordering a cup of coffee.

Kopi O – Black coffee with sugar
Kopi O Kao – Extremely thick black coffee with sugar
Kopi O Pouk – More diluted black coffee with sugar
Kopi O Mai Liao – Regular black coffee without sugar
Kopi O Peng – Iced black coffee with sugar
Kopi – Coffee with sugar and condensed milk

Bread toasted over charcoal fire
The classic set of breakfast - Toast, Coffee and Half Boiled Eggs
Two slices of bread toasted over charcoal fire and a thick layer of kaya and butter is spread over the toasted bread. The toast bread is crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. Extremely fresh bread with just the right amount of kaya and butter. Best dipped with half boiled egg. DEFINITELY MUST TRY!

Toh Soon as view from Lebuh Campbell
Though there is a short waiting time during busy days, the service is prompt and food is served about 5-10 minutes upon ordering. The servers are not too friendly and often there is no smile on the face; simply just doing there job and nothing more.

Toh Soon Cafe is located amongst the small alley in Georgetown. Situated in an alleyway between Kampung Malabar and Lebuh Campbell, Besides, toast bread with kaya and butter, half boiled egg, traditional coffee and tea, other breakfast favourites like nasi lemak is also served. Toh Soon is not easily seen from the main street. Pay attention on the tiny alleyways. Off street parking is available along nearby roads like Campbell Street etc. However, parking lots are extremely limited and illegal parking is not advisable.

Toh Soon Cafe is located in the alleyway pointed by the red arrow
An enlarged view of the map. Toh Soon is noted in red.
Food rating: 9/10
Service rating: 7/10
Ambience rating: 7/10
*typical roadside stall minus the stray cats and dogs
Overall rating: 8/10

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