Sunday, 22 December 2013

Life in Recap: Lessons of Life

It has been quite awhile since I last blogged consistently; perhaps a year or two now. I’ve always had things to share but I never managed to get my thoughts together and pen it down. A couple of weeks ago after reading Timothy Tiah’s blog, it came to my realisation that blogging is a mean of cataloguing life.

Often thoughts will come and go; experiences will linger but through time, memories will fade. For example, some of my trips abroad were one of the best travelling experiences I had but I can hardly remember the details now after months and years have passed by. All that is left is a skeleton of events that happened. Sure, when I look back at the photos, I will be like “eh I remember this” but at times, it is still difficult to put the pieces together.

Life in Recap 1
One of the perks of living in London: Being close to tourist attractions like the Tower Bridge

After moving to London in 2011 to read law, much had happened and the lesson of life had been more intense than ever. Though it had been an amazing time, there were up and downs and I had learnt 3 extremely valuable lessons.

Lesson 1: True friends will always stick around.
It is common for everyone to realise that their circle of friends will shrink as time goes by especially after high school when everyone takes off in different directions to pursue their dreams. Nevertheless, with every new chapter, the door opens to new acquaintances and a new circle of friends. Be it an old friend or a new associate, time will tell the true friends apart from the rest. Often they are those that will stick around and help you through the tough times.

Lesson 2: Dependency Kills
Though the world operates in a system of codependency, the ability to survive on your own is the best living skills. Codependency is important but the ability to live as a single entity is definitely more useful.

Lesson 3: Live in the moment and take time to appreciate life
Cherishing every moment is perhaps something everyone fail to do in the fast moving pace of life. Living in London had taught me to cherish things that come along the way in life and to appreciate every experience. Being away from home allowed me to learn to appreciate kinship and never take those you love for granted.

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