Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Of Running and Shoes

Ever since I started exercising, most of my cardio workouts are jogging and running on the treadmill. One of the thing I’ve never really put thoughts into was the best shoes for my feet. Well, I think most people don’t put much thoughts about whether their pair of running shoes are the best for them (solely my opinion on the public).

With my mind set to train for a 10 km run later in the year, I did a little research on training for a long distance run etc. and that’s when I discover that running shoes are made differently for those with high arches, low arches and flat feet. Technically, those with low arches or flat feet has a tendency to overpronate (the rolling inwards of the foot) when running and it causes strains to the muscles and joints. With an extremely low arch, a pair stability running shoes is the best option for me to reduce unnecessary strains.

So, how did I know I had a low arch and I was overpronating when I am running?  There is a simple test to see the arch of feet. Simply wet both the feet and place them on a piece of paper. The shape form will tell how high the arches are. For me, I did it in the running section in Sports Direct where they had a gel like stand which tells you what arch your feet have. However, I wasn’t exactly convinced the recommended pair was the best for me. As many had suggested, I should try running in the shoes to get the exact feel of the shoes and that wasn’t available in Sports Direct.

My research online directed me to a Mizuno online test on the pronation of my feet when running which I find to be quite accurate. A couple of days later, I took a free gait analysis in Runners Need store at Waterloo Bridge and the results matches the online test. A gait analysis works by filming the movement of the leg when running and viewed in slow motion to see the pronation of the feet. Finally, I found the most comfortable pair of stability running shoes, the Asics GT-2000 v2! And I got it online for only £62.99 compared to the retail price of £104.99!

A new pair of Asics GT-2000 v2!
It may sound like a whole lot of trouble to get the pair of best fit running shoes but I believe getting the right pair is essential since I would be jogging and running frequently. The pair of Asics fits well and every step was comfortable with the gel cushion on the heels and forefoot. Contrary to the attitude of buying trainers and running shoes that look pretty, I guess I finally realised the importance of getting the one that suits my feet best.

Comfort like no other!
A shameless selfie after running with my new pair of Asics

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