Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dinner @ New Lane, Penang

New Lane CollageNew Lane or also known as Lorong Baru in the national language of BM is famous for its long stretch of hawker stalls selling the best of Penang’s food. Located in the heart of Penang, Georgetown; New Lane is a famous attraction for tourist especially those seeking for a culinary escapade.

Of recent, myself and a couple of friends took a ride through this wonderful street of food. Here’s a little insight on what is a MUST TRY…


Chee Cheong Chuk Collage

The ever famous Chee Cheong Chuk (Pork Intestine Porridge). This stall has been around for decades and it serves one of the best porridge in town. Thick porridge garnished with slices of char siew (roasted BBQ pork), pig’s stomach, small intestine, liver and crispy deep fried pig’s intestine. Truly a yummy entree though it may sound a little peculiar. Remember to give it a try.

Price: RM 4.00/bowl (small)

Rating: 8/10DSC00636

Chee Cheong Fun Collage

Chee Cheong Fun. Rolled flat rice noodle cut into small pieces, garnished with chilli sauce, tee chieo (a type of sweet sauce) and haew kow (a type of savoury sauce made from prawn paste) and sesame seeds. Yummy and really suitable for those with a small appetite.

Price: RM 2.00/plate (small), RM3.00/plate (big)

Rating: 9/10IMG_2090Fried Oyster… Fresh oyster fried with egg and starch, accompanied by a chilli dip. The fried oyster here in New Lane is rather good. Worth a try.

Price: RM7 onwards

Rating: 8/10IMG_2101  Char Koay Kak, radish cake pan fried with soya sauce and special sauce depending on each hawker. Fried with egg and bean sprout. The Char Koay Kak in New Lane is a little too salty. However, it is still worth a try. Also available is Seafood Char Koay Kak that comes with assorted seafood. Nevertheless, the original one still taste better.

Price: RM 2.50/plate (small)

Rating: 8/10

 Loh Bak Collage


Loh Bak, an assortment of deep fried snacks served with chilli dip and a starchy sauce. Amongst snacks up for selection are beancurd. loh bak (pork roll wrapped with beancurd skin), prawn fritters (thin layer of dough with prawns fried to prefect crispiness), century egg, Taiwanese sausage, octopus and many more. Worth a try but is a little pricey.

Price: Depending on items selected, all items are priced individually

Rating: 7/10

Assorted Collage Clockwise from top left: Loh Mee (noodles in a starchy soup garnished with pork slice, egg and vegetable topped with chilli and blended garlic), Curry Mee (noodles in a coconut milk based soup and topped with various seafood like prawns, squid and frozen pig’s blood/ tu huek)  Jiu Hu Eng Chai (Squid and water crest in a specially mixed sauce topped with peanuts and sesame), Laksa (Rice noodle in a sour savoury soup with various spice, cucumber, lettuce and pineapple)

Parking is really a nuisance with limited parking available by the roadside.

Happy Feasting! =)


New Lane Map

New Lane is noted in red.

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