Friday, 26 November 2010

A Note of Gratitude to A Bunch of Awesome Buddies

Through life, we grow. Friends, an important element in this long gruesome journey made up a big part of my life which no doubt I could never detached myself from.
Here, I penned a note of gratitude to these awesome buddies I encountered when our life paths crossed with each others and the bond called friendship was formed. =)

Last Day of School
Name: Audelia Choo
Years Known: 7
Status: Friend, Psychologist, Family Counsellor

This gal has an immense amount of emotional blurness and numbness. (Note: She self admitted it!) *laughs* So, she became the best book to share emotional breakdowns and emotional distress for it will never affect her. Also, a place to turn to whenever help is needed for my 半桶水 (Bàn shuǐ tǒng – incoherent) Mandarin. Thank you for listening all this while. I bet I almost turn you deaf.

Last Day of School1

Name: Eleanor Cheng
Years Known: 7
Status: Friend, Hokkien Buddy, Photostat Centre

Kar Pei or Eleanor, the Hokkien speaking buddy which kept my dialect speaking abilities from deteriorating. Kam siah (thank you). Direct in her speech, a simple MSN conversation or SMS is engaging. Cheng Kar Pei, chin kam siah lu kong uah ka wa eh si chin direct and kamsiah for lu hor wah eh software. (Thanks for being direct with me and thanks for all the software)

Last Day of School2

Name: Teoh Patsy
Years Known: 9
Status: Friend, Daughter

Pasty, the petite one. Supposedly my ‘daughter’ after a trip to KL for Celcom Youth Ambassador project. We share the love for bak eu phok (fried pork lard)!!! Lovely ‘ah girl’ thanks!! Mommy miss you!!

Search results for Janice Ooi Hui Jing

Name: Janice Ooi
Years Known: 9
Status: Friend, ‘Shortie’

The ever sarcastic gal which can make me thor huek (vomit blood) when talking to her. Though I am always impressed with her sarcasm and how she can insert it spontaneously. Also, she is the person to call during time of disappointment because she has never failed to make me laugh while I am pouring my heart out with her sarcasm. It sounds ridiculous but no doubt her sarcasm is funny. Thanks for your sarcasm. Who knows maybe I will be thin ONE DAY thanks to you.

SPM Blessing Mahindrama Temple 2008

Name: Tan Hwei Yuin
Years Known: 9
Status: Friend, DVD Library

As stated, the best place to go to when in search of a TVB show. Breakfast buddy and the friend who is just a day older than me. Thanks for all the shows that you have lent me. 

Part 2 coming up with more people I would love to write a note of gratitude to. Stay tuned!!!


  1. wah...chin chia chin gam dong eh...LOL...and i think i still have pretty sharp's not like you shout when you're 'consulting' it doesn't really affect my ears, you know...hahahaha...=P...and you also do know i always welcome your consultations, since i do 'earn'...hahaha...XD

  2. like audy said, wah chin chia chin gam dong lo hahahaha
    i'm direct to u cos u're very tih ki(stubborn) =DDD

  3. kar pei...*high five*...she is si pek tih ki leh...hahaha...even after countless hours with me, she still doesn't change her mindset...=P