Saturday, 11 December 2010

As Time Goes By


Time is the answer. That is my stand today. As our life move on along with the momentum of the world, time is the best prove to what we see, hear or feel.

Though time showed the worst of people, it showed the best of them as it passes by. Every split second is the teacher of life. As time goes by, I have seen the best of men and also the worst. For many weeks in the past, I have seen the worst. Perhaps not the  worst, maybe its just worse. Then it comes to my thought, is the anything worst that I have yet to see? How would the dependency of a relationship between men withstand the test of time when time constantly becomes the divider between people?

As of now, I had seen time changed many. A change from good to bad, bad to worse, close to unfamiliar, friends to enemies. Happy as I may for many friendships remained the same and grew better than before through time; sad as I can be to see other friendships crack as time starts showing the greed, selfishness, cruel and dark side of a friend. Would such a friendship make or break with the test of time? Time is the answer. As a dear friend said a few days ago, “I see people change through time when they are abroad. They said they won’t change but they still did”.

For many years, my decisions made were hasty. I believe in taking a stand with no regrets. Without proper analysis and thinking, it seems like taking a wrong turn or the wrong path whenever the route divides. Though many were the RIGHT decisions, there still remains many which I would say the WRONG ones. One that was so incorrect; the darkest route that may exist; routes that turn the worst of me to light. Perhaps, it is an OPPORTUNITY to learn to grow with time as every wrong move would teach a valuable lesson. At least at the very end, I could stand up high and say I MADE MISTAKES BUT I LIVE A LIFE OF NO REGRETS. Bak kata pepatah, bumi mana tidak ditimpa hujan.’

TODAY, with heads held high; I would say the frequency of making such unforgivable errors diminished as every second passed by and I certainly withstand the test of time in life and I would continue to for many years to come or even for eternality. Doubt me if you might, I withstand the ever changing periodic test time has for me and I would continue to do the same retaining my best qualities; my roots and traditions (I am not being ‘lao eah’); my values and various type of relationships. Time is the best measure for many things in life. Time is the answer; the key; the best solution.

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