Saturday, 26 February 2011

Up, Up, Down

Life, filled with circle of events and it has been UP, UP and now finally DOWN for me. January and February had brought a chain of events to be remembered.

24th January: AS results for November sitting released.
Literally the first turning point in my life. There is no words to describe how grateful I am for my results. Though days I had prayed and chanted everyday seeking for blessing and merits. Yes, I was blessed by Buddha. Thank you.

10th February: Climax
The day that brought a surprise so big that I could not contain how I felt. Receiving the news that I was awarded Top in Malaysia for AS History is something that I would call as the peak of the sequence of happy moments in my life. Certainly, a great blessing.

22nd February: Turning Point
The final hike before everything takes a different toll. It was the Outstanding Cambridge Learners Award Ceremony.

25th February: Downturn
Yes, indeed it was the beginning of not-so-welcomed events. Rejection from UCL to read Law. As devastated as I may be, life is not always easy.

Through the period of 2 months, it has been eventful and certainly filled with happiness, adrenaline rush and finally disappointment. All these brought me to realise the circle of life; ups and downs.

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