Tuesday, 24 May 2011

When Disaster Strikes

This is a super delayed post which was suppose to be up in April...

After the Japan earthquake, it brought out much emotions and flashbacks on previous disasters. Though nature had taken away lives of many, it brought together the forces from across borders uniting them for a purpose; to assist the victims of the aftermath of the disaster. Honestly, I'm touched with such effort and how hostility is being swept under the carpet for greater good.

Among those which I felt was worth praised is China's assistance in the Japan earthquake despite the known hostility from WWII. Not only that, stars from across the borders took initiative to raise funds.
Below is a list of songs dedicated to victims of natural disasters:

We Are the World - The original Michael Jackson version

We Are the World (Cantonese version) - sang for the victims of 2004 tsunami

We Are the World (Spanish version) for Haiti Earthquake

承诺 (Promise) - sang for the victims of Sichuan Earthquake

手连心 - sang for the victims of Qinghai Earthquake

無懼風雨 - sang for the victims of Japan Earthquake

The effort is truly beautiful. God bless those disaster stricken victims...

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