Wednesday, 29 June 2011

KDU Experience

20th June 2011 marks a full 2 years in KDU College for the A Levels programme. Initially, leaving home was very difficult emotionally. Being the only child and living in a closely-knitted family, starting college in a new place was something that left me disheartened. Starting college and making friends along the way made this 2-years experience as memorable as it can be.

From cooking during the weekends, those long bus rides home, the endless practices for MKM galas, the hectic student life and studying to the never ending movie outings etc etc etc, this two years had been the time of my life.

The first few weekends was filled with sleeping in till late in the mornings followed by cooking lunch for a bunch of buddies. Despite the cooking mood has died off after months, I had developed the love for cooking ever since.

Cooking during the first weekend
Then, there was also those ups and downs in life. Getting B for the first time in a public or major exam is certainly a huge blow especially after coming out of the exam confident of an A. Those numerous university rejections were also part of the low tide of life. As how the world is balanced by ying and yang, one of the best things in KDU got to be the Outstanding Cambridge Learners Award. The ultimate boost from receiving Top in Malaysia for History with fellow comrades receiving awards for other subjects. =)

Outstanding Cambridge Learners Award Ceremony

The two years filled with Malam Kebudayaan Melayu (MKM) practices, sports carnival rehearsals and also a charity play added flavours to the student life.

MKM 2009
TIME FLIES!! Two years seemed just like yesterday. Then, there comes goodbye.

Farewell =(

Another farewell courtesy of the juniors

An experience indescribable by words, unpainted by pictures and untold by speeches. Our memories remain. =)

Random shots of 2010 (note Hidayat on the top right)

Housemates of C-10-11 (together with the roaches)

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