Friday, 1 July 2011

AH’ BASRI Restaurant Satay

A couple of weeks ago together with my family, I went for satay at AH’ Basri which is located in D’Piazza, Jalan Mahsuri in Bayan Baru. The most unique feature of this restaurant is the various flavours and type of meat available.

Satay is a skewer of marinated meat barbequed over charcoal fire to perfection. Commonly served with peanut sauce dip alongside with cucumber and fresh onion pieces.

A simple menu (reminds me of those in McDonalds)
Nasi Impit with Peanut Sauce @ RM 2.20 (A traditional dish where rice is being compacted into cubes and eaten together with peanut sauce.)
The rice was quite bland and had little flavour but it goes well with the peanut sauce. Since the rice had been compacted into cube, little of the sauce could be absorbed into the rice.

Popiah Satay @ RM 4.50
Quite disappointed with this dish. Just a stick of satay wrapped in spring roll/popiah skin and deep fried together. The satay inside the wrap taste normal and there is nothing special as compared to the normal satay.

Deer and Ostrich Satay @ RM 1.80 each

The meat was well marinated but it was a little chewy and difficult to chew down. The deer and ostrich meat was a little overcooked and was cut into too big a piece making it a little difficult to eat. Overall, it is still quite tasty.


Chicken Satay (Original) @ RM 1.00 each

The chicken satay came in a few flavours. We tried the original and tomyam flavour. The original chicken satay was one of the best I had tasted thus far. The meat was well marinated and barbequed; soft and well cooked. Definitely recommended!

The tomyam flavoured chicken satay was a little peculiar. Tomyam seasoning gave a pinch of sour taste which did not go quite well with barbequed meat. When dipped into peanut sauce, the mixture of tomyam and peanut sauce was a little peculiar.

Calamari Satay @ RM 2.50 each

The best satay in the store and my personal favourite. Though having some burnt parts, the calamari was juicy, soft and not overcooked, tasted well on its own. DEFINITELY A MUST-TRY!!

Getting there is easy. It is located near Sunshine Square. Get the exact location at My Map on Google maps.


A snap shot from Google Maps

Overall rating: 7/10

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