Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Noticeably I had not been blogging for months now. This is an unofficial comeback to reviving the blog. 

Of recent, this word "FRIENDSHIP" generated so much thoughts in my mind. Honestly, being through up and down in the many friendships that I had in the past and still have now; it makes me wonder how one values their friendship with others. How many of us out there are actually sincere to our friends? How many of us would look out for each other? How many of the friends have no hidden intentions? 

Perhaps the way I definite friendship is a little too serious, a little too demanding and a little too deep to be understood by those around me. For years, I had been willing to go the extra mile for friendship. Recently I realised at times 好心没好报... Some friends would only take you for granted and parasite on you; destroy the rest of your social circle and other friendship you've built throughout your life. 

Perhaps I had taken friendship too seriously most of the time hence leading to all the mess in my life all the time. The older we grow, the more complicated things become. Though I had been immune to all the backstabbing and betrayal; each time it happens it still would drain me mentally and emotionally. 

Through the years, I'm glad that this bunch of friends had always been there and I am more than happy to know that you guys would always still be there as you are today :)
At farewell 2011, thanks guys for being there! =) 

Awesome friends since many many years ago…

One of the awesome buddy! Kar Pei, you are specially mentioned since your awesome gift arrived today just when I hit rock bottom.

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  1. aiyah...too bad i couldn't be there for your farewell when you had came for mine...but we'll have a belated group valentine together this summer!...=D...