Friday, 12 August 2011

Thank You!

It has been a horribly bad day. A painful fact that I cannot swallow down my throat and live with it. Getting a C for History. From Top in Malaysia in AS to a C. Just simply unbelievable.

Somehow, this heart wrenching incident lead me to realise that I have tonnes of friends who care about me. Just look at the snippets below. I can't help but to laugh at some of their wall post on my Facebook.

Janice Ooi, Kar Pei, Patsy, Angelin and everybody else! You guys cheered me up... Thank you so much!

The heart breaking results... =(

I just can't help but to laugh....

Janice's Nottingham Love Story

Barney! Sang wrongly...

Another piece of work to cheer me up... =)

Kamsiah for Oldtown!

Agreed and time is the antidote for this pain..

Another piece of comfort...

Thank you all! You guys really light up my life...

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  1. look at it positively, something good might happen out of it...just don't stress yourself out because of this...let things take its natural course, you might just end up being where you wanted to take care! missing you and your old town stories...XD