Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Glimpse of Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France is one of the most prestigious bicycle race and it’s something that always fill up the sports column in the newspaper. Cycling had never been a sport that I’ve followed closely but knowing that Le Tour de France cyclists were going to cycle past London, it’s a must to try catch a glimpse of these impressive racers.

Cycling from Cambridge to London in Stage 3, the cyclists past through the Olympic Park, Tower Hill and finally Big Ben before heading for the finish line near St. James Park. Living only minutes away from Westminister, it was the best chance to catch a glimpse of the cyclist during the finishing sprint near the Big Ben. Plus, it’s a great practice for my photography skills.

The crowd waiting anxiously

For the first time, I decided not to camp for a spot. The crowd was larger than I’d thought. It seemed like cycling is a big thing in Europe! Finding a spot was hard. So, I sort of gently slide in between spaces near the railing about an hour before the cyclists pass by to get a clear view. Probably offended some who waited hours at their spot >.<

The wait was bearable if not for the pouring rain. Somehow BBC is lying about the weather again. It was suppose to be sunny with light clouds but in reality, it was pouring for a good 30 minutes. The same incorrect forecast as Trooping the Colours. (I wonder if they do it on purpose so the crowd will turn up)

As fast as the wind, the cyclists pass by at the speed of light and the leader of the pack was gone within seconds. No courage to pan while shooting for more dramatic effect because everything happened so fast. Here’s a photo spam!

The insane things people to catch a glimpse of the cyclists
Cycling enthusiast riding by

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