Thursday, 24 July 2014

Goodbye London

It all seemed like yesterday when I landed in Terminal 4 of Heathrow Airport wearing a ridiculously ugly suit; all pumped up for a brand new adventure in the English land. Having paid a visit to London in 2009, I knew from the very first moment when stepping into London to begin my life as an undergraduate, it would be an adventure of a lifetime and a roller coaster ride that I would enjoy. Clearly, I did.

Looking ridiculous in suit

London was very much a second home for me. No matter what mess that I get embroiled in here, I loved this city to bits. Except for the human traffic jams in the touristy area. London had became so much of a home to an extent I would defend London when tourist criticised it for its lack of culture and good food. Coming to its defence as though it was a home of my own.

Unknowingly 3 years flew by and now I’m sitting in Terminal 4, the very same terminal that I first arrived, the same terminal that took me home in the first summer; but it all feels so different. Packing up my room into boxes and suitcases was something to look forward to every June because that meant it was time for home. However, this time around packing felt different. This time around there is no “See you again in September”.

London is more than a place of good memories and great times, it was the home for my legal knowledge, a place where friendships were forged, the platform for personal growth and the gateway to my European adventures. Being a top city destination for tourist, there are no words to expressed how bless it feels to be just footsteps away from the iconic Big Ben. Though there will always be ‘what if’ and ‘I should have’, my 3 years is complete with all the things a tourist would do. Watched the change of guards, stroll in the iconic parks, soak in the free museums, eat in local markets and much more.

The experience to be in a melting pot of culture and to be able to embrace a city rich in history and modern development will always be something that remains vivid in memories. Being at King’s was an amazing part of my London adventures. Despite being with Asians most of the time, the Malaysian and Singaporean society had made my life as an undergrad more exciting than ever.

Today having graduated with a law degree, the time has come for me to part ways with a place I’ve called home for 3 years; the friends I’ve met along the away in a foreign land. 

Saying goodbye can be no harder. Thank you for the memories.

The KDU gang, thank you for sticking through the 3 years with me :D
The KCLMSS people who made uni life so much more fun. Can't find an EXCO picture in my archive somehow but being in the EXCO was the main bulk of the fun
The ex-housemates and mahjong kaki-s, life would never be the same without them!
The most memorable NYE - 7 hours of waiting in the freezing winter for a view like this.
I’ll be back one day and walk through these memories filled streets again; definitely!

and 3 years end with a Pulled Pork soup from Pret

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