Friday, 1 August 2014

Home. Oh Boy!

There’s no where like home. That’s what everyone say. Coming home this time around came with the difficulty to adjust to the nature of our beloved society. Despite all my hawker favourites being just a drive away, adjusting to home was hit by things that annoyed every strand of patience left in me.

1. Pedestrian Coercion

One thing I cannot comprehend is why can’t Malaysians obey the traffic rules. If the traffic light is yellow turning to red, for goodness sake, slow down and brake; not hit the gas and speed ahead. Barely 24 hours after I am home, I almost got knocked down by a car which dash through a red light at a pedestrian crossing. A PEDESTRIAN CROSSING WHICH IS GREEN!!! Downright absurd.

Traffic rules are there for a reason and these reckless law offenders shouldn’t be given the ability to bully other road users. Comparing their imported steel made car protecting them and the layers of fats cushioning me, they have the upper hand and it feels like being coerced to let these sort of drivers have their way or risk being flung into the air and sprawled in blood.

Also, say hello to the world where pedestrian crossing is not for the priority of pedestrian. Instead of car stopping, pedestrian have to look out for oncoming cars and cross only when there is no cars. Pretty sure the pedestrians are suppose to have the right of way!

2. Impatient drivers

Unfortunately, being on the road seems to drive me crazy. As I don’t drive in the UK, I can’t compare the standard of manners of UK drivers. But, welcome to Malaysia where 1 in 100 is destined to be a F1 driver. There are always these F1 aspiring drivers that moves from the left lane to the middle, then onto the right and back to the middle all within less than a minute. Impressive naturally born talent. All those swerving and speed changing lanes just to get maybe 10m ahead of the rest. A great way to start training for serious race driving.

To add to the bad traffic conditions, meet drivers who like to stop in the yellow box. An offence to begin with, being in the yellow box is not being in a teleport machine that brings them to their destination. Only thing that happens is it clogs up the traffic flow from the opposite direction as well. Great job!

3. Impatient Humans

One of the biggest contrast I’ve seen since touching down in Malaysian soil is how Malaysians and the rest of the world react to boarding a plane. A great way to see how lacking social consciousness is in some of our Malaysians.

Boarding a plane is done by section from the back of the plane to make it easier and faster. By boarding the passengers at the back, those in the front would not be jamming up the aisle when they are trying to store their luggage in the overhead compartment. Unfortunately, some people Malaysians and non-Malaysians live in an illusion where the plane is going to take off without them if they don’t attempt to get on it once the gate open. So, we have a ‘great’ society that cannot understand simple instructions.

Being in the back of the plane on both my London-Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur-Penang flight, I was given way to board when boarding from the back rows started in London but, there was no chance at all to even try to board when the gates open for the Kuala Lumpur-Penang flight. When the airport staff announced boarding for those with children to board, our dear Malaysians will flock the gate like a flock of pigeons being fed. Suddenly, instructions were being filtered out like they were never said.

4. Queue cutter

Found frequently in busy times at the shopping malls. While time is precious for them, the same applies to everyone else. So, what rights have these people got to go shoving their body mass between the queue or pretend like a queue never existed. Worst thing of all, most people grumble and make angry faces and stay in their MYOB mode and let them off silently. Cutting queue shows a lack of respect of others and these people deserve to be told off and put to the back of the queue even if it’s miles long. Unfortunately, here they get by and grow the courage to cut queues in the future.

5. Irresponsible shoppers

Ever wonder why sometimes you find chicken, milk or vegetables in shelves of dry goods. Meet these group of people I label as irresponsible shoppers. There is no shame to return something that has been bought or taken from the shelves or the salesperson. Sometimes, we change our minds or come across better choices. No hypermarket or supermarkets are the size of the Pacific Ocean, so it’s not that difficult to take a minute to put the unwanted items back. It’s just civic consciousness; which is clearly lacking in these people.

Perhaps more forgivable if something non-perishable is randomly placed. (not encouraged as well) Only downside is the store staff has an extra job to do at the end of the day. Putting something meant to be chilled or frozen in places they don’t belong meant completely spoiling the food stuff. What’s worst is what if these items are put back into their shelves and others buy them. Innocent shoppers having to bear buying a possibly contaminated item due to these irresponsible shoppers and profit making entrepreneur.

Bags of chicken going to waste

6. Mentality

One of the thing that irks me most is the people who squat on top of the toilet bowl in public toilets leaving the toilet bowls so dirty. These are not even the roadside toilets. These are the toilets in the pretty shopping malls we have. With a choice of sitting and squatting cubicles, there is an option for any preferences to carry on your business. So, why is there a need to squat on toilet bowls?!

Just a small matter but isn't it about time for these people to grow up and be more civic minded?

Oh Malaysians/Penangites, what kind of society have we morphed into? Did the society changed or is it just me?

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