Friday, 15 August 2014

Sea of Purple: Mayfield Lavender

Summer is one of the more popular times to explore London despite the occasional rain and ridiculous tourist crowd. For once, the weather is not all gloomy and cold. Aside from the open air film screening, music festivals and endless happenings all weekends, the warm summer months is also the flowering season for lavenders.

Lavenders, one of the most common scent in beauty products is more astonishing than its beautiful scent. Often lavender fields are associated to Provence, France but little did many know, just an hour away from London lies a breathtaking lavender field. Mayfield Lavender is easily accessible from Central London and oh boy, the lavenders in full bloom is one spectacular view.

Open daily until September, the lavender field is a great place for a day out. Its purple shades under sunny blue skies makes it an amazing setting for great photo opportunities. Their small shop sells a range of lavender products and a few choices of refreshment including lavender lemonade, lavender bread, lavender cordial, lavender ice cream – technically lavender in almost everything.

Their latest newsletter update states the fading of the English Lavender in the front of the farm but the Grosso variety is said to be in full bloom.

Drown yourself with the spectacular view and scent of lavender!


Or go crazy and take lots of photos!


Getting there:
From central London, Mayfield Lavender is accessible via train or the Overground to West Croydon. Trains depart from London Victoria and London Bridge frequently. At West Croydon, board bus 166 which terminates at Banstead or Epsom Hospital (both would pass by Mayfield Lavender) and alight at Oaks Park stop which brings you right to the lavender field. The bus journey takes about 40 minutes.

Trains from London to Purley and Coulsdon also connects to bus 166 and reduced the bus journey time by about 20 minutes. However, buses are often very packed when departing from West Croydon and sometimes, it’s not possible to board the buses at Purley or Coulsdon.

Oyster Card is valid for the train journey as it is still within London. Pay lower fares using Oyster Card Pay As You Go instead of buying train tickets on machines.

Find out more about their products, opening hours and more here!

Mayfield Lavender Field,
Croydon Lane, Banstead

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