Friday, 17 September 2010

Lok Lok @ Pulau Tikus Market


Fancy some steamboat but don’t want to stuff yourself with so much food? Only wanting it as a light snack? LOK LOK is the answer… Lok Lok; a common hawker food where various skewers of fishballs, meatballs, vegetables and other poultry products are dipped in boiling hot water and served with various type of sauces. Usually customers would have to stand while eating but there are a couple of stalls in Penang which have tables equipped with a pot of boiling water.

Today, Lok Lok was my supper! Having tried Lok Lok in many places, the Lok Lok in Pulau Tikus Market at night is still the best for me due to its peanut sauce. The stall is located outside the market. One advantage of the stall is there are quite a number of tables available. So, even if it is packed and crowded, there isn’t really a long wait for a seat. The peanut sauce is also AWESOME!

There are a variety of skewers and they all go well with the sauce provided. Each skewer has a colour code on the end of the skewer noting the price of the skewer.

Price: Green – RM 1.20 , Black – RM 1.00

To me, the price is quite reasonable for the food and service provided. One entertaining part would be to watch the boss calculate the amount to be paid. His mental arithmetic is simply entertaining.

The stall opens at night from approximately 7pm till late. Pulau Tikus Market is located nearby Jalan Moulmein and Jalan Pasar. Finding a parking space should be quite easy at night. There are parking space available along the road and especially slightly further away.

Rating: 4/5

DSC04693 The row of stalls outside the market at night time…

DSC04696Skewers of ham, seafood tofu, shells and squid…

DSC04697Skewers of fishball, meatball, vegetables… (Hot water pot in the background)DSC04698The stall from my seat…

IMG_2203 IMG_2204

A close-up of a piece of octopus and a skewer of meatball...


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