Sunday, 5 January 2014


I am in so much anger that I just need to rattle about this extremely annoying, law-breaking, piece of shit THIEVES!!! Having lived in London for more than 2 years, I’ve always felt safe to travel around the city, go shopping on the bustling Oxford Street and even sightseeing like any other tourist. Albeit knowing pickpockets and thieves operate in a metropolitan like this, I have never expected to encounter one especially when I am not someone who leaves my belongings around; creating opportunity for this bunch of a**holes! Plus, I am extremely sensitive to any additional weight placed on my bags when someone tries to open my bag; proven to be true when I bruised a pickpocket’s hand in the Metro in Paris by swinging my bagpack on purpose into her when she was trying to unzip it. (SO MUCH WIN!)

TODAY, despite the amount of junk I have inside my handbag; one f***ing a**hole managed to somehow yank my iPhone which I was charging on my portable charger from my handbag and even manage to dislodge the eye piece from my DSLR in handbag. Well, I don’t exactly have evidence but that is the state of my DSLR when I was rummaging my bag to find my phone.

To recall, this is the third time in life that my mobile had been at risk and like what people say, third time is a charm. The first two mishap of my mobile was avoided successfully and today it is Pickpocket 1- Yi Lyn 0!!! The first time this ever happened was a close shaved in the LRT station of KLCC about 7 years ago. Some kiddo think he can pickpocket my phone only to let me see it in his hands when both him and I was exiting the train. I still remember shouting at him and snatching my phone back! *self salute my courage* The second incident was my very own carelessness of dropping it in the taxi 3 years ago. Though the taxi driver was kind enough to return it to me, he was extorting me for RM50 or RM100 before he was willing to return the phone to me.

After starting 2014 with the great display of fireworks, I was hoping 2014 to be a smooth sailing year ahead. Today is not even a week into 2014!!!

So, to all the pickpockets and thieves out there, I hope you’ve enjoyed the luxury you attained from stealing and depriving others of their precious possessions. Trust me, KARMA IS A BITCH! One day you will lose more than what you have taken from others. Don’t forget, you’ll probably be burning in the 18 levels of hell as well!

Feels so good after rattling. Apologies for any unintended vulgarity!

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