Saturday, 11 January 2014

Maroon 5 @ The O2 Arena

AMAZING! That is the only word to describe the Maroon 5 concert. Adam Levine and his band played most of their famous hits and the crowd was definitely in the highest spirit possible.

Robin Thicke


The concert had an opening act and a supporting act before Maroon 5 was presented to the crowd. Guess who the supporting act is?! Robin Thicke! Though Thicke had definitely gained a huge popularity after the MTV Awards performance with Miley Cyrus, his performance wasn’t exactly that entertaining. Perhaps I am really not a fan of Thicke; never actually heard of him until the MTV Awards performance cause a stir in the internet. Then again, I am really a living dinosaur when it comes to latest music. The crowd was relatively cold during his acts as well except when he sang the popular Blurred Line, the only time the crowd was all hyped up for his performance.

One of the many amazing light backdrop for their performance

Adam Levine singing to the crowd

Maroon 5 opened their performance with their ever popular hit ‘This Love’ (I believe my memory hasn’t failed me) and the crowd from the entire O2 arena started standing up, singing along and grooving with the beat. Among the other songs they sang were ‘Misery’, ‘She Will Be Loved’, ‘Payphone’, ‘Lucky Strike’, ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and many more. Twas a good show, their performance time was only about slightly more than an hour which is rather short to me. ‘Daylight’ was their final song for the night and I guess the lyrics suit the sort of goodbye situation.

Maroon 5 had a Project Daylight and their video on it is absolutely touching. Watched this a couple of hours before the concert and the video touched me deeply.

Confession: I was not a fan of Maroon 5. Well, I’ve heard their songs over the radio but never actually had them in my playlist or listen to them over and over again except for ‘Moves Like Jagger’ which is in my playlist for the gym. Today’s concert ticket was a birthday gift from my ex-housemate and about 12 hours before now, I am worried I have no idea what they are singing on stage. Now, all I can say is that I enjoyed every moment of the concert. Thank you! :D

Credits to Kelvin Hong for all the amazing photos for this blog post. We were sitting on Level 4 and the wonders of the zoom of the Sony compact camera is amazing.

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