Friday, 28 February 2014

A Weekend in Bristol

With the piling workload and tonnes of things to complete, there hasn’t been time to pen down anything for the blog for the past few weeks. Despite all the work, I spent a great weekend visiting Vicky and Wei Fang in Bristol with Kah Kah.

The trip hit off with a rough start by having to change plans and burn my ticket because I was asked to attend a compulsory event with my sponsors. Oh well, like what people always say, there is only so much you can plan in life. After the event, I took a late afternoon bus to Bristol and met up with the rest. The sense of joy to see the familiar faces that I haven’t seen for months and even years was really quite overwhelming. To be honest, I haven’t seen Vicky who was my roommate for over 2 years in KDU, for over a year or so.

Nottingham Games 2012
An old picture of us in Nottingham Games 2012 - also the last time I've met up with Vicky and Wei Fang
Vicky and Wei Fang took us to this little place called ‘The Burger Joint’ for dinner. Upon arriving, our table wasn’t ready and we were given a free drink each for the delay. Extremely impressed with their service! It was a night of catching up and time flew by really quickly.

Venison Burger
The next morning was spent at the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge. Blessed with sunny weather, the view of the suspension bridge and the gorges was breathtaking. Suspended over the Avon Gorge, the bridge is quite a magnificent structure. The view of the gorge from the bridge is very well worth the journey getting there. After a couple of hours at the bridge, we had some Chinese food before departing for the bus back to London.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge IV
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge I
A renewed group picture!
Though it was an extremely short getaway, there is nothing better than the great time spent with these great friends. Separated by distance, our friendship still remains as it always was.

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