Friday, 28 February 2014

Pétrus by Gordon Ramsay

Pétrus is one of Gordon Ramsay’s many restaurants and was awarded a Michelin star in 2011. Growing up in Penang, there isn’t any Michelin starred restaurants; so the experience in Pétrus is quite memorable.

Having dined in Pétrus three times, each dining experience was worth every penny. My first visit was with my mom and uncle during their visit to London; the second was for my 21st birthday and finally, the third visit was a couple of days ago. Pétrus serves lunch menu, set menu as well as tasting menu. There is also a chef’s table in their kitchen where guest will have a view of the kitchen and an unique dining experience watching the food cooked in front of you.

During my first two visits, the lunch menu was priced at £30 but now, the price has increased to 35. Although the choices on the lunch menu is limited, for £35 it is still a worthy dining experience. Here’s how the experience is like. Entering the restaurant, the waitress led the way to the table and an explanation on the menu was given. After ordering, a complimentary bread basket and homemade butter is served. Despite my dislike for bread, the bread served here is one which I just couldn’t stop eating because it was warm and soft on the inside and the crust is crisp and hard. A pre-appetizer (amuse-bouche) is then served. Every dish that is served on the table comes with an explanation by the waiter/waitress. However, most of the time I missed what they are saying because half of the terms are in French.

Homemade butter: extremely rich and melts quickly on the bread
Pre -appetizer: a small canapes
Missed the explanation but the soup was creamy and has a very light texture
After the amuse-bouche, the appetizer is served, followed by the main course. On my first two visits, complimentary sides of potatoes and vegetables were served alongside with the main course. However, these sides were not served on my third visit. Once finished with the main course, the waiter/waitress would bring the dessert menu and it is a tough decision to make.

Cannelloni of confit rabbit with poached crayfish and tarragon consommé:
Had this as appetizer in my first visit; can't quite remember how it taste but it was definitely delicious
Liver pate as appetizer on my second visit.
Carbonara - slow poached duck egg, confit leg, truffle polenta and broth:
The duck egg was cooked on the outside but has a flowing yolk on the inside. The combination of the smoked pork belly and yolk is heavenly. To add to that, the smoked pork belly melts in the mouth. AMAZING!

Crispy Suffolk pork belly with black pudding and sage jus:
Tried this on the first visit. The pork was succulent and the skin were very crispy. Although the roast pork belly is a little difficult to cut due to the skin, it was still very delicious.
Pan-roasted pollock with parmesan and broad bean risotto, pea velouté:
Ordered this on the first visit. The pollock is soft and juicy. Cooked just right to have the flakes of pollock coming off nicely. The risotto is slightly creamy and forms a heavenly taste when eaten with the pollock.
Pan roasted pollock - ordered this on the second visit. Can't quite remember the taste.
Pork belly - ordered by a friend on my second visit.

Complimentary root vegetables
A small cone filled with passion fruit mousse is served after ordering the dessert throughout all my visits. After a sinful dessert, a small almond ice cream with white chocolate is served.

Star anise crème brûlée, caramelized pear and liquorice:
The best 
crème brûlée I have ever tasted. The top coat of sugar is glazed to perfection and the crème brûlée is as smooth as a baby's skin. A heavenly must try!
Chocolate Sphere, milk ice cream and honey comb:
A sweet combination to die for! The chocolate sphere is melted with hot chocolate sauce revealing a ball of milk ice cream inside the sphere. Extremely chocolaty, definitely not something for those who hates chocolate.
In a Michelin starred restaurant, the service was up to expectations with an attentive and friendly crew. The food served were slightly slow but there is no real need to rush when dining in such a beautiful place. At the end of the meal, the diners can request to visit the kitchen and I’ve been down in the kitchen twice.

Personally, the experience of dining in a Michelin starred restaurant is exceptional as such places can’t be found in Penang. There is nothing to complain about the service and the food is delectable. The combination of ingredients are very well done and every food portion is just perfectly nice. Their wine list is extensive and range from about £25 for a half bottle to hundreds of pounds.

Located in the Belgravia area, Pétrus is about 10 minutes walk from most bus routes and tube stations.


Food rating: 9.5/10
Service rating: 10/10
Ambience rating: 10/10
Overall rating: 9.5/10

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