Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Schweiz Love

Switzerland is such a beautiful country; so beautiful that it is rather impossible not to fall in love with its breathtaking Alpine landscape and architecture. Well, I have a rather intense obsession with Switzerland and the Swiss Alps especially the Matterhorn. Having been to Switzerland 3 times within 12 months, most people think I am a little nuts to revisit the same country over and over again. Honestly, I felt I haven’t gotten enough of Switzerland. Here’s a little thought to why I am so in love with this country.

Matterhorn Summer
Matterhorn in early September
Matterhorn Winter
Matterhorn in winter covered with layers of fresh snow
My first visit to Switzerland was to Zermatt in September 2012, the small town where the best view of the world famous Matterhorn is. Growing up in a tropical weather, it was normal to be in love with the Alpine landscape almost immediately. Of course the Matterhorn intensified the love for the landscape. To add to such scenic panaroma, the hospitality of the Swiss Germans are remarkable. Well, I felt extremely welcomed that I returned to Zermatt over Christmas in 2012 just about 3 months after my first visit to experience a white Christmas.

Bernese Oberland
Bernese Oberland in late afternoon from Kleinne Scheidegg
The famous Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger
About a month ago, I visited Interlaken which is a base for most tourist who plans to visit Jungfraujoch, the highest viewing point in Europe. Home to the Bernese Oberland, Interlaken offered a view with a little more lakeside (perfect for reflecting mountain photos). The Jungfraujoch and Kleine Scheidegg are both excellent for the view of the Alps – worth every single penny spent on the exorbitant fare.

Reflections in Interlaken
Interlaken-Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden in Interlaken
Although the Bernese Oberland is equally as stunning as the Matterhorn, the love for Zermatt and the beauty of its Alpine village is simply irreplaceable. Just like a first love, Zermatt remains somewhat unforgettable and while other equally stunning holiday destination comes along, there’s no place like Zermatt.

Chapel Bridge
Chapel Bridge at dusk
Of course, there is more than just the Alpine beauty in Switzerland. Their quaint city is something worth revisiting. Having visited Zurich, Luzern and Geneva, Luzern triumphs with its awe-inspiring Chapel Bridge especially in the evening. Being in big cities, it always felt safe.

Jet d'eau in Geneva
Swan at Lake Geneve
Such a graceful swan in Lake Geneva
Mallard in Lake Geneva
Food is yet another reason to love this country. With a majority of Swiss German population, I can get all most of my favourite German delicacies in most places. The local Swiss specials is also something I’ve missed dearly after every trip. Being bound by land, most of the Swiss diet is heavy on meat and as a meat lover, my diet and their food fit perfectly like a jigsaw parcel! Although not a fan of cheese and potatoes, the raclette I had in Zermatt got me craving for more. For someone who hates potatoes, rosti (shredded potatoes which resembles hash browns) is the only thing made of potatoes that I ever like. The only thing I never really quite grow to like is cheese fondue.

German sausage
My favourites - German sausage and Rosti
Lamb encrusted with herbs
With such magnificent view of nature; modern yet quaint cities; and an delectable spread of delicacies, I guess it justifies my love for Switzerland. The only thing painful about visiting Switzerland is the absurd expensive train fares and the price of food and lodging is not quite affordable. Nevertheless, Switzerland is worth every penny to visit.

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