Monday, 4 October 2010

A Hair Cut??

Down with the dilemma of either having a hair cut or not! My hair has been growing ever since my last hair cut in April 2010 in Monsoon ID, 1 Utama. I loved my hairstyle that Eva of Monsoon ID has given me. It was light and really easy to handle. Well, its short so I don’t have to do much about it.

Now that my hair have grown to mid length, I AM LOST!! Previously, I thought of keeping my hair long and give myself a change in my hairstyle. Then, I realised it was not easy keeping long hair for me due to the texture and condition of my hair. Its frizzy and slightly dry. However, I must say my hair texture and condition has improved recently after using the new Sunsilk conditioner (not promoting Sunsilk, just stating the truth).

So, a hair cut or not???




From This




After the haircut in Monsoon ID


 022235  Months after haircut! Should I have another haircut now?

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