Tuesday, 5 October 2010

$$$$.... Ka-ching Ka-ching....

Money money money... The X factor in life: MONEY!!! If there is one thing that is categorised as a love-hate relationship, it would be SALES. Though it seems like there is lots of savings that you can get from each item purchased, I noticed that in every sales, I would end up with unnecessary items, things that I wouldn't need for the moment. Its just like shopping for future usage which is not even certain yet. *Ishhh ishhh ishhh YI LYN!* Gotta get the influence of sales out of your head!

The latest predator on my wallet: J Card Sales (5% on grocery and 15% on departmental store)

GOSH! It really time to stay at home. So that I would see no evil (sales), hear no evil and buy no evil...

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