Thursday, 7 October 2010

Movie Review: The Switch


Courtesy of Advertlets, I was given the opportunity to attend the premiere screening of The Switch. Starring Jennifer Aniston (famous for her role in the sitcom Friends), Jason Bateman and Patrick Wilson.

As known by many, the movie is about Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) who is desperate to get pregnant and resort to a charming sperm donor, Roland (Patrick Wilson) to father her child. Her best friend, Wally (Jason Bateman) was against the idea. Getting himself drunk during Kassie's insemination party, Wally accidentally spills Roland's semen and replaced it with his own.


So the review begins… Its my first time writing a review so pardon me if there are any elements that I missed.

How was the movie? AWESOME!!!!

Let’s start on the actors and actresses. Jennifer Aniston was awesome. So was Jason Bateman. They both formed a relatively good chemistry on screen and no doubt an excellent couple. The other characters played by Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum was fairly interesting. Though I did not really like Roland in the movie, Patrick Wilson did a good job portraying Roland.


As for the plot and the story? Well, the movie was well written I would say and the plot developed just well. The development of Kassie’s desire to get pregnant to her moving away from New York to returning with her son 7 years later developed so well. The development of the relationship between Wally and Kassie's son, Sebastian is so adorable. Its like Wally and mini Wally =) Honestly, I was reluctant to go to the loo during the movie fearing I’ll miss something interesting.

The Switch is an amazing movie and rather a heart-warming story of a best friend who is in love with his best friend and is willing to stand by her side all the time. With the chemistry between Aniston and Bateman, the movie becomes alive! Kassie’s son, Sebastian is so adorable and cute. OMG his round big eyes are so so adorable. And be sure, Wally and Sebastian makes lots of great scenes.

Personally, the best part I loved about the movie is the witty humour that was instilled in the movie. Those little acts and sarcasm in Leonard (Jeff Goldblum) minutes into the opening of the movie really tickles me. Leonard’s scene with Wally in the gym where Leonard claim he is burning fats despite eating a chocolate bar while walking at the speed of 2.0 on the threadmill is just simply amusing. Sebastian’s peculiar character would also make you laugh.

Being a romance comedy, The Switch had certainly reached a level of perfection. Not a movie where you would laugh nonstop BUT its a movie that would make you love along the way.

Worth watching? DEFINITELY!!!

Rating: 9/10

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