Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Day of Free Food and A Memorable Selfie

Yesterday, I went for Singapore Day as a guest of one of my law classmate. It was an event open only for Singaporeans (both their citizens and PR i think). As a Malaysian, I had to be invited as a guest of a Singaporean and I’m thankful for the opportunity to go to the event.

Facts new to me; Singapore Day is held annually on a rotation basis in different countries. This year it was in London! I suppose what makes it special to the Singaporeans living abroad is the reunion with their fellow Singaporeans and all the free food. Yes, everything is free within the grounds of the event. From drinks to every single plate of food. I was also told that the local Singaporean food are made by hawkers who are flown in from Singapore just for this event.

Arriving at about 11 am, the entrance to the grounds were crowded with long queues waiting to get through the security check. That 15 minutes queue was just the beginning of every single other queue throughout the day. Upon entering, we were given goodie bags and then it was really all about the food. Starting off with satay, followed by sup kambing, chicken rice and chwee kueh, more satay and finally, nasi lemak the queue for every single one of them took at least 30 minutes or more.

Endless queues everywhere
After hours in the queues, it was time for a break. While the Singapore premier was making his rounds along the booths and exhibitions, he was crowded by everyone who wanted a picture with him. Making our way through the crowd and bodyguards, my friend and I managed to get ourselves a selfie with Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore. I hardly take selfies and I’m should thank my lucky stars to be able to snap a perfect one in one shot.

I don't usually take selfie, but when I do I make sure it is with someone important! :P
Despite the endless queues, it was satisfying to enjoy all the delicious food and taking a memorable selfie with Singapore’s Prime Minister. With all my energy drained from the endless queuing, I lost all motivations to take any photos and every time food is in my hands, it was gone before the thought of taking a photo of it comes about. Hence, all the lousy pictures are all I have.

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