Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Of recent years, my time spent on the flights had increased considerably. Aside from the annual 13-hour flight back to Malaysia, my travelling adventures around Europe added to the time I spent on the plane. With every flight, I had the utmost confidence in the pilots and crew to bring me to my next destination safely. Throughout my time in London, the numerous visits by friends and family had called for me to wait for their arrivals in Heathrow. The MH370 incident had struck me to imagine if this was to happen to myself or anyone I am waiting for at the airport. I could not even bear imagine the emotional torture it would have brought.

The disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing had hit international attention for days. Learning about the missing plane on early Saturday morning (GMT), there are no words to describe the feelings that struck me at that point. Sleeping that night was just simply difficult. Although I do not personally know anyone on the flight, the feeling of anxiety for those on the plane still kept me awake throughout the night. At the same time, the updates from home was flowing in quickly especially after the official press conference were made. Seeing the news updates, I could only empathise with all the family and friends of the passengers, hoping that they would be able to stay strong and pray for the best.

Of recent, the political differences and increased in insensitive racial slur in the nation had divided our society more than I’ve ever seen in years. No matter how different we are in our political stand or views; as hours turned to days, let us all put all our differences away and pray for the safety of those on MH370. Regardless which religion we believe in; which god we pray to; which race we are; which country we are from, may all our prayers be heard.

Aside from the numerous online news updates, TonTon (the live online version of Malaysia national TV channels) had opened a global channel for the coverage of MH370 updates.

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