Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Burger Joint, Bristol

“a mathematician customer has calculated that you can have 78,912,800 different combinations of burger, toppings, sauces and sides”
- The Burger Joint

As mentioned in my previous entry on the getaway in Bristol, The Burger Joint was one of the restaurants I visited. Recommended by my buddies in Bristol, the Burger Joint was a pretty impressive place to dine.

The little outlet of the Burger Joint
Known to be operating at full capacity over weekends, my friends booked ahead. Unfortunately, a swarm of take away orders caused a delay in the kitchen and hence, our table was not ready when we arrived. While asked to wait for about 15 minutes, the very friendly waiter told us a round of any first drinks was on the house. Definitely not the kind of service I’ve came across before in my life. Needless to say, their public relations skills is definitely extremely impressive.

The Burger Joint is sort of a bespoke burger restaurant. Every burger order is made from a choice of patty, toppings, sauce and sides. The menu consist of a variety of meat patties including chicken, beef, lamb, venison and even wild boar. The huge variety of toppings, sauces and sides are tough choices to make while ordering. Aside from the countless combination of the patty, toppings and sauce, the beef and veggie burger even come in a smaller size for small eaters.

Here’s my combination for dinner; venison with mushroom toppings, burger relish and garlic mayo with onion rings.

Venison burger with additional mushroom toppings @ £9.30
The venison patty was tender and flavourful; well grilled but yet juicy on the inside. Although a little oily, the beer battered onion rings was very crispy on the outside and one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Complete with my favourite mushrooms, the burger was splendid.

One of my friends order a peri-peri chicken burger with wedges. The wedges were made from sweet potatoes and is a treat to the taste buds. A great choice for sides if potatoes are your favourite.

All for only £7.95
Perhaps there is nothing special about delicious burgers, but the Burger Joint which allows every order of burger to be customised from a variety of choices made the place unique. Aside from the friendly service, the prices were reasonable. With so many combinations possible, it’s definitely worth a try for everyone.

Check out their location and all the other choices for patty, toppings and sauces on their website.

Food rating: 8.5/10
Service rating: 10/10
Ambience rating: 8/10
Overall rating: 8.5/10

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