Sunday, 16 March 2014

Keeping the Pounds Off

It has been about 7 months since I wrote my previous post on my story of weight loss. Whilst losing weight was easy when I was much heavier, keeping the pounds off and to continue shedding them is one difficult task.

Over the summer holidays, unfortunately the hectic internship and glorious food in Penang had inevitably made me heavier by 2-3kg. I blame the regular supper plans and lack of time to workout. Thankfully, coming back to London for the final year put me back on course to continue burning those extra calories and lose the gains from summer. With the gym less than a minute down the street, there is no excuse for not getting a good workout.

To keep the pounds off, counting calories still play an important part of my daily routine. From time to time, I would maintain a clean diet starting my day with my favourite fruit smoothies. Despite the love to cook and bake, eating moderately had been the key of keeping the pounds off.

Sauteed vege salmon
Clean eating: Sauteed mixed vegetables with baked salmon with herbs
Scallops on asparagus
Clean eating: Pan seared scallops with steamed asparagus
Mango orange smoothie
Breakfast: Mango orange smoothie

Months after completing the first goal of the weight loss mission, I’d never felt any healthier than before. With the completion of one goal, a new goal comes in place. TO FINISH A 10K RUN WITHIN QUALIFYING TIME! Though it may sound easy to most people, for 22 years of my life, I’ve never actually like running. I could walk for hours but running drains the energy out of me within minutes. Not only that, I have an extremely low arch (almost flat feet) which makes running bad for my legs. So, here begins a new phase to training and pushing my limits for a fitter me.

The lowest point of my weight thus far :D

Anyone out there looking for some motivation to lose weight, always remember when there is a will, there is always a way. :D

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