Sunday, 9 March 2014

Becoming a Shutterbug

The art of capturing life moments using a camera is something I find intriguing. With photographs, moments in life could be immortalised and like the saying goes ‘a picture paint a thousand words’. The numerous photographs taken over decades, stored in albums in my grandma’s cupboard had a story behind each photo; something that spark my passion in photography.

Starting off with film cameras then a compact digital camera and finally a DSLR, I had absolutely no clue about the art of photography. Despite the aim of capturing the things as I see it, the only thing I knew was to click the small shutter button. For years, I’ve gasped in awe when looking at the mesmerising photos and wonder how such godly photos are captured. After 2 years or so of owning a DSLR, I finally picked up the basics of photography. Of the recent year, it had been a great learning curve.

Though still in the process of learning, I’m thankful for every baby steps I’ve moved forward so far. For fun, I’ve uploaded some of my photos onto 500px and surprisingly, it made it into the popular page. A small milestone in my long journey of becoming a true photographer.

Getting this in the inbox is truly a blessing
With the addition of a tripod, I’ve grown an obsession with long exposure photography especially taking photos of traffic in the night. The random result in every shot from the different cars and buses passing by is something I look forward to each time I attempt a long exposure shot.

Here’s sharing some of my favourite photos :)

Air Itam Market, August 2013
Some how the photo gives me an impression of loneliness in the old lady
Angkor Wat, September 2013
The first few shots taken using a tripod
Swan at Lake Geneve
Lake Geneva, December 2013
The beauty of mother nature is something worth capturing
Chapel Bridge
Lucerne, December 2013
Loving the ability of capturing movements of the clouds with a tripod
St Paul's Cathedral, January 2014
My first attempt on a zoom burst
Lucerne, December 2013
One of the first few long exposure shots that got me addicted
BFI IMAX, January 2014
Westminister, February 2014
The 'tourist' compulsory shot over Westminister Bridge

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